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Multi-country Marketing Campaigns: From Right Approach to Right Results (101) (Virtual)

(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Virtual Workshop Description
Developing multi-country marketing campaigns is a sort of three-dimensional chess game across markets, cultures, and languages. Getting it right can lead to brand adoption and drive customer lifetime value; but missteps can derail a campaign and cost you market share.

By learning what has worked and not worked for global brands, you can adopt, adapt, or invent the best ideas and approaches for your brand – from getting the right team chemistry, to getting the right insights, to localizing global brands in the right way.

Led by a marketing veteran with 30 years’ experience delivering global campaigns across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, and Europe, this workshop will teach you the building blocks for successful international or regional multi-country marketing campaigns.

This virtual half day workshop is excerpted from its Full Day counterpart, “Delivering Multi-country Marketing Campaigns That Work: From Right Approach to Right Results via Right Execution”, where participants also learn best practices for conducting multi-country campaign research, developing insights, briefing, and channel mapping.

Target Audience
This workshop is best suited to marketing teams or individuals that need to create global or regional multi-country campaigns.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth:

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • A 5-step framework for effective multi-country marketing campaigns
  • How to ensure the right team is in place for maximum effectiveness
  • Personal action plan for multi-country marketers

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • The real challenges of multi-country marketing and how to surmount them
  • How to use the Adopt, Adapt, Invent principle to identify campaign strategy

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing ROI by teaching them:

  • Approaches to maximize opportunities and reduce risk
  • How to use the Adopt, Adapt, Invent principle to identify investment priorities and minimize unnecessary spend

This virtual workshop helps attendees improve employee alignment and collaboration by teaching them:

  • Communication best practices and ‘watchouts’ to ensure positive collaboration and effective inputs from your teams

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  • Jonathan Holburt

    Holburt Consulting helps clients with branding needs. Jonathan is an ANA Faculty member who has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies while employed at leading multinational ad agencies in Asia. Jonathan teaches our Convey, Compel, Convince Presentation Skills Workshop.