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Nominations Open for EEC Awards

January 7, 2021

By Ryan Phelan, Jose Cebrian


We’re excited to announce the opening of the 2021 ANA Email Experience Council (EEC) Awards!

2020 brought so many new challenges and opportunities for consumers and businesses alike. We saw greatness all around us, even in the inboxes that we check every day. Those accomplishments from the teams and individuals behind the curtain deserve recognition of their efforts and the resounding push to drive innovation and email itself forward.

Look around you! What amazed you in the last year? Who amazed you in the last year? Better than a pat on the back, is recognition from the industry of someone's efforts and results. What are you waiting for — nominate those trail-blazing individuals and those innovative email marketing campaigns for an EEC Award! As a refresher, the EEC offers different award opportunities:

  • Pollard Award: In honor of the beloved email marketer, the legendary Stefan Pollard. This award recognizes a stand-out in the brand/client side of the business.
  • Thought Leader Award: Honors an individual who has made an incredible contribution from the vendor-side of the business.
  • Program Awards: A set of awards to promote and honor innovative email marketing campaigns. This year’s program awards include the following three categories:
    • Best Overall Improvement Award: This award will recognize those that were not happy with the predictability of the status quo in a program. In this award, we are looking for major improvements in an existing program by leveraging an insight to layout a new program to generate significantly improved results that justify the investment to change the program. The key components of the submission should be prior results, the insight that drove change, description of the change, any testing, and final results.
    • One-Person Team Award: This award will celebrate the scrappy email marketer who gets a ton of stuff done without a lot of help, yet delivers a great program and results through hard work and innovation. We are looking for those unsung email heroes that work day in and day out to keep a program evolving. We want to hear about what they are able to accomplish in the context of their constraints.
    • Cross-Channel Award: This award will honor a program that connects email to another channel such as site, call center, push, SMS, IOT, or even screen reader. We want to see great examples of how email is being used with and is considerate of other channels. We will be looking for programs that are designed to improve customer experience and deliver results by coordinating messaging across 2 or more channels, as long as one of those channels is email.

Please join us on January 20th to celebrate and be inspired by our 2020 EEC Program Award. Winners from The Salvation Army, Pilot Flying J, and DEG who will showcase their award-winning campaigns. We will also be on hand to guide you through the new email awards season. Be the next shining star to receive the ultimate honor in email marketing, winning an ANA EEC Award. We hope to see you at the upcoming webinar.

Nominations are open, and we will be accepting submissions until February 26, 2021. Awards will be presented at the 2021 Email Evolution Conference scheduled for May 5-7, 2021. Learn more here, and contact us with any questions. Nominate your favorite email marketer and campaign today. Happy Nominating!

Ryan Phelan is chair of the EEC Awards Subcommittee and CMO at Origin Email, and Jose Cebrian is vice-chair of the EEC Awards Subcommittee and SVP, Marketing Strategy at Merkle.

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