Analytics & Data Science

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INTRODUCTIONS (9:45 – 10:00AM)

I. The Translator Role - Who's on First? (10:00-10:45AM)
As marketers move to the Segment of One, it is imperative to communicate the need for technology investment. However, encapsulating supportive advanced analytic output to win over senior management continues to be challenging for many. Learn ways others have been meeting this challenge.

Zach Hudson, VP Solutions, AnalyticsIQ

II. How Bots that Cause Ad Fraud Also Mess Up Analytics (11:00-11:50AM)
Challenge assumptions and misconceptions about ad fraud and how widespread it is. Learn how ad fraud is skewing your analytics and corrupting your ROI measurements. See the best practices that have worked for advertisers and publishers. Take specific action to detect fraud impacting your campaigns and mitigate it.

Dr. Augustine Fou, Independent Researcher & Ad Fraud Historian



III. Data Visualization Using Tableau, Shiny, Plotly and Qlik Sense (12:40-1:30PM)
How to use these popular packages to produce clear, easy to understand data representations of complex advanced analytics for senior marketing leadership interpretation. Tips to be shared to help guide your presentations.  

John Friedmann, Manager, Deloitte

You will be invited via email to submit current marketing analytics challenge for ideas on how to solve them. Engage your fellow committee members in open discussion around evolving data issues. Share your thoughts on trends and hot topics in ML, AI, and more! This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers.

Dr. Devyani Sadh, CEO & Chief Data Officer, Data Square