B2B Committee: Lead Generation @PwC

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Lead Generation

Lead generation, from attribution and best practices to strategies and tools, continues to be a major focus for  B2B marketers. This committee meeting will cover some of the biggest challenges we face, plus a look into the future of lead gen. We'll also look at how lead gen works within an ABM strategy. Join us to:

  • Learn from our speakers and experts
  • Network with your peers
  • Dive into key issues to surface actionable solutions during our roundtable discussion


Networking Breakfast

9:00am – 9:30am (CT)


Opening Remarks from Event Host and ANA B2B Committee Chair

9:30am – 9:45am (CT)

John Swerling 
Director, Marketing Technology 
PwC (Event Host)


Chris Vitrano
Nelson Schmidt (Midwest Chapter Chair)


Session 1: Fireside Chat - What's the Future of Lead Generation and Why Should You Care?

9:45am - 10:30am (CT) 

Nowadays, increased competition and information overload makes it a challenge for B2B marketers to reach, track and engage potential clients. But new technological developments like AI, chatbots and machine learning have made optimizing lead gen campaigns a lot easier. Get the latest trends, best practices and future directions for effective B2B lead generation.


Laura Hinrichsen
Director of Media Services, Nelson Schmidt Inc.


Coffee Break

10:30am - 10:45am (CT) 

Session 2: Best Practices

10:45am - 11:30am (CT)

A How-to Tutorial on How Lead Gen Works in an ABM strategy

In typical B2B purchases, there are seven or more people involved in the decision-making process. The landscape is becoming more complex meaning that marketers must have a laser focus to engage not only their target buyers but also those who will influence or must approve of the purchase.

This session will illustrate the successful transition of a consulting firm's marketing strategy from broad to account-based marketing - and the role that lead generation played within it. This journey of more than a year ended in some of the highest client margin increases (as a percentage) across the firm. One of the biggest wins is the alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing -- the holy grail for most organizations. Key takeaways:

  • Learn why shifting from broad reach to account-based marketing yields better outcomes with fewer resources.
  • Understand how to implement successful change management across your organization.
  • Discover the right measures to show value of and return from your account-based marketing while winning favor with firm leadership and sales.


Aaron Smith
Industry Marketing Manager


Kevin Comer
Managing Director
CME Group


Session 3: Working Lunch/Roundtable Discussion

11:30am - 12:30pm (CT)

Session 4: Best Practices

12:30 pm - 1:15 pm (CT)

Live B2B Marketing Events Are Leveraging Traditional Agency Methods

B2B Face-to-face marketing event spend is on an exponential increase. Is your live event budget being spent wisely? Live event marketers are using the same techniques as traditional agencies to drive messaging, increase attendance and measure their success. Lead gen, awareness and education are all elements of a F2F marketing campaign to promote a company’s product or service. Key takeaways:

  • We will show you how traditional advertising elements will help your B2B face-to-face marketing events build an audience, create compelling content and measure your success.


Dan Hilbert
GES Events


John Woo
SVP, Design
GES Events


Doug Austin
Austin Amplifies


Closing Remarks

1:15 pm (CT)