Drive Growth with the Right ABM MarTech Stack: ABM Committee Meeting

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Finding the right MarTech to support your account-based marketing programs is one of the hardest things to do. It’s confusing and you never really know if what you sign up for will really meet your needs until you look behind the curtain. Also integrated into the challenge: ensuring that your MarTech data complies and aligns with new and emerging data standards.

At this ABM committee meeting, you’ll learn how to cut through the clutter by understanding the different technologies available based on your needs and organization, not on the latest fads and buzz. At the end of the meeting, you’ll walk away with the top things you need to know and do to make sure your MarTech works for you.

I. WELCOME REMARKS (11:00 – 11:10 am ET)


With synchronous marketing, marketers today are managing more touchpoints, larger audiences, bigger buying committees, and more channels to drive conversations with target accounts. But, what technology is needed to support all these efforts? Is the tech stack different for a 1:many program versus a 1:few or even a 1:1? What if I am just dipping my toes in the waters of ABM; how much technology is required to support my first pilot program?

At Inverta, we have come across many customers who share confusion around technology and what's needed to be successful with an ABM program. As an unbiased 3rd party consulting firm - we will be walking through different technology and tools that we see in the ABM space and where they play a role.


Ashley Shailer
Vice President, Marketing


III. BREAKOUT SESSIONS (11:40 am – 12:20 pm ET)

Our breakout rooms will allow attendees to meet in smaller groups for a more intimate and robust discussion of the meeting, keynote presentation, related subject concepts, and/or pain points.

In this meeting, we will dedicate two breakout rooms, each room led by an ABM co-chair and an Inverta representative. Once these breakout rooms close and we reconvene in the main room, each leader will discuss an overview of what was learned and discussed so that may benefit from insights shared.

We hope that you stay for this part of the meeting as it is a great way to network, learn, and of course drive growth: for your career, company, our collective industry, and the field of Account-based Marketing.

IV. TOP TAKEAWAYS (12:20 pm - 12:30 pm ET)