B2B Committee: Account-Based Marketing @Seattle


Start: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 3:30pm

End: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 7:30pm


500 Yale Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109

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2019 ABM Trends Report

Simpler and more seamless is driving tremendous growth in DTC. Whether you look at Amazon’s customer-centric, one-click-to-order, one-day-to-deliver approach, or pure DTC brands like Harry’s Razors. Marketing to a business? Not so much.  

B2B, especially the enterprise-buying process keeps getting more and more complex. It was never simple, but now we’re seeing a greater need for consensus and justification at every stage—even as businesses push to make enterprise-level purchases more quickly.

To achieve this, enterprise sale & marketing teams have to radically overhaul their strategy. To learn how we’ll share a first look at the new 2019 Trends Report. It pulls together key things learned and outlines proven methods that can have an immediate impact to your business. 

David Caffey
Managing Partner 
Momentum ABM


Bill Zengel
B2B Practice Lead


Sales Enablement:  Microsoft Surface’s Modern Deployment Pilot Program

With a three-year, multi-billion-dollar opportunity, Microsoft knew its Channel Partners would be critical to achieving ambitious goals. The company recognized they needed to better support partners by identifying a pipeline showing how the program Microsoft designed, including five key steps, helped participating companies generate more sales proved a critical objective.

Learn how the program was designed, what hurdles encountered, and how they were overcome, to drive the results that exceeded Microsoft's target goal.

Claire Lund
Microsoft Surface
Marketing Practice


In Pursuit of Purchasing Power: How ABM Paid Off for FastPay


No audience within B2B is more challenging to raise awareness with, and engage successfully than the C-Suite. The most challenging of B2B marketing’s Mount Everest: “The CFO.” Charged with minimizing risk and maximizing the bottom line, CFOs are hard to reach and not easily swayed by marketing efforts. 

So how did Fast Pay, a financial platform for media businesses, successfully grab the attention of CFOs from top companies and garner a double-digit response rate for their unique Customer Acquisition strategy? In this award-winning ANA B2 case study, Rick Weir, Vice President of Marketing reveals the keys to establishing an automated cross-channel marketing dashboard to show attribution from all marketing programs, campaigns, content, events, and paid media channels.

Rick Weir
Vice President of Marketing


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