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Paul Robinson,
Director of Commerce Committee, ANA

I. Session 1Why Metrics are Failing Content and How a New Approach Can Unlock Results (10:15AM – 10:55AM)
Companies are spending more and more money on content. But most don’t know whether this investment is really working. Ben will discuss a new approach to measurement designed specifically for brand publishing that makes clear how well content is performing. Based on a granular view of engagement, companies can create a roadmap for testing new ideas, and steadily improving formats, designs and promotion techniques.

Speaker: Ben Worthen, CEO, Message Lab

II. Session 2: Using Data & Creativity to Power Better Brand Storytelling  (11:00AM – 11:40PM)
As marketers, we’ve heard that a reliance on data can often hinder the imagination necessary to create compelling content. However, in 2020 and beyond we need to reshape the narrative from “data vs. creativity” to “data AND creativity.” By turning to the numbers, content marketers can go beyond “gut feelings” to creating content that’s certain to have an impact.

Join Ranjit Raju, VP of Sales West Coast at Knotch, as he discusses the best way to combine data and creativity to fuel your content marketing strategy.

Speaker: Ranjit Raju, Vice PresidentHead of West Coast, Knotch Inc.