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Speaker: Paul P. Robinson, Director, Commerce & Content Marketing, ANA

I. Session 1: The New Mama’s Little Helper (9:45AM – 10:15AM)

Shari Cleary, BuzzFeed's SVP of Research & Brand Planning, will show marketers the opportunities brands and publishers have to use technology, digital and social media to help today’s high stress moms as they move through their different life stages and children’s ages. Technology and content continue to make mom’s lives easier by simplifying everyday tasks – from connecting with other moms via social networks, to ordering grocery delivery and finding that perfect outfit. Shari’s presentation will show how marketers can leverage these opportunities to build loyalty with today’s moms.

Speaker: Shari Cleary - SVP Research, Insights and Brand Planning, BuzzFeed

II. Session 2Direct to Disruption (10:15AM – 11:00AM)

DTC brands like Casper and Dollar Shave Club famously made their marks within their respective industries, but no sector is immune. Legacy brands that haven’t faced DTC incursions yet almost certainly will. How can legacy brands get creative with their content to compete against the new entrants who are trying to dominate the space?

Speaker: David Shadpour, CEO & Co-Founder, Social Native

COFFEE BREAK (11:00AM – 11:15AM)

III. Session 3: Always On, Slightly Off: Nailing Niche Engaging Content (11:15AM – 12:00PM) 

For hot TV properties, killer programming is only half of the battle. Creating a social presence your fans will want to follow religiously is difficult to achieve and not always executed correctly. IFC is home to some of TV's most beloved comedies with cult followings, think: Portlandia and Documentary Now. IFC fans are smart, passionate, and won’t be satisfied by a standard GIF campaign on Twitter. To make matters trickier, no longer are a-list stars from our favorite shows the best way to grab your audience’s attention. Sure they bring a massive following but building fandom is about the long game. Learn how IFC and GLOW teamed up to give fans social content as engaging as the show itself, how to elevate TV’s voice on social and why the ideal influencer-brand relationship is a niche one.

Jeannine Irons, Director of Brand Marketing and Audience Insights, IFC
Jennifer Fink, Director of Digital & Social Strategy for GLOW

LUNCH (12:00PM – 12:45PM)

IV. Session 4: 2019 Content Marketing Survey & Roundtable (12:45PM – 1:30PM)

One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a "closed door" environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. In today’s Roundtable, we will reveal top line findings from the recently completed Joint ANA/Content Council Content Marketing survey, as well as its implications for the industry, as the leaping off point for a group discussion.

Paul P. Robinson, Director, Commerce & Content Marketing, ANA