Influencer Marketing

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I. Session 1: The Power of Influence: Building Brand Credibility With Influencer Marketing (10:00AM – 10:45AM CT) Kohl's wanted to be the destination for activewear and wellness. In this presentation, Molly Verette, Senior Manager of Social Marketing & Consumer Brand PR, will share how Kohl’s took a tiered approach to influencer marketing to increase credibility and spread brand awareness in a crowded retail space. 

Speaker: Molly Verette, Senior Manager, Social Marketing & Consumer Brand PR, Kohl’s

II. Session 2: Turtle Wax & The Sphere of Influence (10:45AM – 11:30AM CT)
What do an auto enthusiast, an esports player, and a solar-powered mobile music studio have in common? Find out as Turtle Wax presents on how to authentically intersect with unique audiences to drive influence and sales. The presentation will include how Turtle Wax leveraged data and insights to build a relevant yet unexpected sphere of influence that helped to modernize brand perceptions and break through the clutter. 

Speaker: Kelly Cagney, Director of Global Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications, Turtle Wax

First Look: ANA’s 2019 Influencer Marketing Playbook 
The ANA will be releasing a 2019 Influencer Marketing Playbook that includes top case studies from Olay and AT&T, in-depth expert interviews, the latest on hot button issues such as influencer fraud, FTC compliance and disclosure checklists, and Excel templates to build out and execute a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy. Join ANA’s Director of Influencer Marketing, Leah Marshall, for an overview on how to maximize the top resources within the Playbook and leave the meeting with digital access to the Playbook and 11 turn-key templates to kick-start and optimize influencer marketing for your brand.

Speaker: Leah Marshall, Director, Influencer Marketing, ANA

III. Session 3: How PlayStation Leveraged Influencer Trust to Reach New Demographics (12:30PM - 1:15PM) As brands and marketers continue to debate the value of influencers, it's important to keep in mind an influencer’s key asset: trust. In this session, learn from Octagon’s Director of Digital Strategy how they helped PlayStation collaborate with a diverse mix of 50 different influencers and media outlets to reach and engage audiences traditionally outside of PlayStation's gamer demographics, while maintaining authenticity to both the brand and the influencer. 

Speaker: Joe ScottDirector of Digital Strategy, Octagon