Influencer Marketing

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This special ANA Committee meeting will take place as part of the Chicago Auto Show’s Media Preview Day (Friday, Feb. 7th) and will run from 8:30am-2:30pm (CST).


Networking Breakfast (8:30-9:00am)
Opening Remarks & Introductions (9:00-9:15am)

I. The Best of 2019 Auto Influencer Marketing (9:15am - 9:45am)
2019 was a massive year for automakers leveraging influencers for high-profile marketing campaigns, from macro- and micro-influencers on junkets to staged special events for top-tier influencers in captivating locations. Celebrities are also a rising trend, including John Mayer's new partnership with Land Rover and Serena Williams’ with Lincoln. This session will take a look back at some of the best activations of 2019, including Tanya’s up close and personal experiences with some of the most provocative influencers.
Speaker: Tanya Gazdik, Automotive Editor, MediaPost

II. How Turtle Wax Broke the Internet With Influencers (9:45-10:30am)
The Turtle Wax team will discuss how it proved that success is possible in a changing marketplace with the launch of their new Hybrid Solutions product line. In an industry first, Turtle Wax invited the widest array of auto appearance experts and social media influencers to an open product trial & brand immersion at the OTTO Car Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, ahead of SEMA. The Turtle Wax team will share a case study on their launch, the insights that guided them and the results of the campaign – which, in an article from high-profile automotive outlet, DriveTribe, said that they “Broke the Internet” with this launch. The Turtle Wax team will be joined on stage by influencers that attended the summit to share their experience and give a real-life testimonial as to why Turtle Wax’s approach works.
Speaker: Kelly Cagney, Director of Global Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications,Turtle Wax

III. Influencer Campaigns: PR or Marketing? (10:30-11:15am)
At its core, public relations is about influencing, engaging and building a relationship with key stakeholders to contribute to the way an organization is perceived. Marketing strategies tend to focus on shared, paid and owned media messages that are consumer focused. As influencers continue becoming more important when developing brand and product campaigns, an internal struggle has also surfaced: Are influencers part of the marketing wheelhouse or should PR manage these types of relationships? In this session, we’ll share how Hyundai approaches this dilemma.
Speaker: Victoria Walden, Manager, Social Media & Influencer Engagement, Hyundai Motor America

IV. 2020 Driving Influence Award Presentation (11:20-11:30am)
The 8th annual “Driving Influence Award” will recognize one automaker’s outstanding influencer marketing campaign and showcase the power of influencer marketing to engage automotive customers authentically, creatively, and effectively. Past winners have included Hyundai (Santa Fe social media launch), Nissan (#SheDrives), Honda (Monsters Calling Home and April Fools’ Fit Kit), Hyundai (Walking Dead Chop Shop), Mitsubishi (Kids Talk Safety) and Toyota (Family Trails).

Break (11:30am-11:45am)

"What Drives Her” luncheon (11:45am - 2:30pm), featuring the perspectives of prominent female marketing leaders in automotive.