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Paul P. Robinson, Director of the Content Committee, ANA


I. A look into Caterpillar's Cat Trials & their 2021 REGGIE Award Win (11:15AM – 11:50AM)
With Caterpillar approaching their 95th anniversary and PAC-MAN approaching their 40th, Caterpillar wanted to surprise and delight customers by bringing back their coveted Cat Trial series with Cat Trial 9: PAC-MAN®. The Cat Trials videos were originally released starting in 2014 and they featured Cat machines and services in some wild and unique situations and the audience loved them! The original eight videos received more than 18-million views. The most popular ones tapped into pop culture and what better way to make a splash, then taking an iconic, 1980’s video game from the virtual world to the real world? Caterpillar will share how they leveraged the favorite past time of gaming and the game that started it all PAC-MAN to help introduce critical messaging in a fresh, fun and playful way that cut through.

Archie Lyons, IV, Creative Director & Market Professional, Global Brand Strategy and Activation, Americas Distribution, Service & Marketing, Caterpillar Inc.

II. A Recipe for Seduction….And Success (11:50AM – 12:25PM)
Creating successful branded content is difficult. To make a mark in culture, you have to give viewers something they never knew they wanted.  This past year, KFC set out to reach younger and lapsed customers during the busy holiday season by swinging for the fences. In partnership with Lifetime and Wieden+Kennedy, we created A Recipe For Seduction, an Original Lifetime mini-movie, starring a young and sultry version of the brand’s iconic pitchman, Harlan Sanders, played by fan-favorite Mario Lopez. 

In this session, we’ll share a case study of how this intricate and complex partnership came together, from inception, through pandemic-period production, to a memorable and buzzy piece of branded content that surpassed all benchmarks and objectives fueled by a promotional plan worthy of a theatrical release. Turns out this Original Lifetime mini-movie delivered exactly the “comfort content”  America needed.

David DeSocio, EVP, Ad Sales Marketing & Partnerships, A + E Networks 
Alex Barwick, Group Media Director, Wieden+Kennedy
Megan Russell,  Brand Manager, Wieden+Kennedy

III. Data Strategies- From Overload to Insights (12:25PM – 1:00PM)
For marketers, data has always been the essential tool used to make critical decisions that impact their businesses. As our hyperconnected world continues to advance it has become simple task to track every action a customer makes. With this wealth of data at marketers fingertips, it can become overwhelming trying to analyze and convert that information into meaningful insights. If marketers can reveal the metrics and KPIs that are actionable and most effective to their businesses, they can turn their data overload into usable insights that can be used to shape future campaigns.

Chris Karpenko, 
Executive Director of Brand Marketing, United States Postal Service