Influencer Marketing

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Welcome and Introductions (11:00-11:15AM ET)
Leah Marshall, Director, Influencer Marketing - ANA

I. Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI (11:15am-12:00pm ET)
Tracking influencer ROI is a top challenge for marketers. Kelly Cagney, director of global marketing for Turtle Wax, will present a case study on how the brand has been able to attribute sales from influencer campaigns, maximize ROI, and report back to the business on the impact of this important marketing lever.
Kelly Cagney, Director, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications - Turtle Wax

II. Chasing Trends vs. True Empathy in Influencer Marketing (12:00-12:45pm ET)
Despite how digitized advertising has become, behind every view or like, there is still a unique and intelligent human being. Taking the time to remember this fact and being cognizant of the value exchange between influencers and their audiences can be the difference between success and failure in influencer marketing. Jason Y. Lee, Founder and CEO of Jubilee Media, and Evan Sigel, Jubilee's Head of Brand Partnerships, will present case studies that demonstrate why "empathizing with audiences" is more important than ever, and discuss how brands can deepen their connection with consumers.
Jason Y. Lee, Founder and CEO - Jubilee Media
Evan Sigel, Head of Brand Partnerships - Jubilee Media

Closing Remarks (12:45-1:00pm ET)