Data & Direct Marketing

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Lisa Merizio Smith, Senior Manager, ANA

I. Bringing Next-Level Personalization: The Rebirth of a Global Icon 
(10:00am - 10:45am)

While leveraging Huggies' new brand purpose to help navigate the unknowns of babyhood, we orchestrated the launch campaign across print, email, social, web, e-commerce, digital media, and, oh yeah, the Big Game. Hear how we brought forward next-level personalization, a fresh voice and creative style to revitalize a global brand. Not only did Huggies meet objectives across channels but even out-performed competitors in product category sales in the months following launch. 

Erin Greitens, Brand Manager, Kimberly-Clark
Jeannette Kocsis
, Executive Strategy Director, Accenture Song
Ruth Tempest, Senior Manager-Group Account Director, Accenture Song

BREAK & Postal Advisory & Privacy Update (10:45am - 11:00am)

Review of ANA’s Data Hygiene Tools including the Center for Ethical Marketing and DMAChoice, the oldest and most reputable consumer choice tool in the nation that helps ward off onerous legislative action like Do Not Mail bills, etc. while at the same time reduces waste and cost for the mailers.  

Lisa Brown Shosteck, Consulting Director, ANA Center for Ethical Marketing | ANA Privacy Shield


II. Out of Stock, Out of Mind – How ASICS Won Back Their Customers (11:00am - 11:45am) 

ASICS, a global leader in athletic footwear, saw their products were running off the shelves leaving behind a bunch of greyed out size buttons with no ability to add to cart. These zero inventory items left a hole on the website where customers would come ready to purchase and then exit with nothing to look forward to. Join TJ from ASICS as he walks through how they got people to come back to the site and kept them from shopping elsewhere. He’ll talk through how a simple solution had huge gains and will give insights to how this improved customer retention, AOV, and overall conversion.

  • Using multichannel marketing to win back customers
  • Tactics to improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Ways to improve AOV and overall conversion

TJ Sizemore, Director of Strategic Analytics, ASICS Digital

NETWORKING LUNCH (11:45am - 12:30pm) 


III.  How a Nonprofit Attributed Mail as an Effective Channel to Reach Younger Donors (12:30pm - 1:15pm)

Awareness is a precondition of trust and trust is a precondition of a sale or a donation. There are channels such as mail that are good at building awareness, especially among a younger audience, that may be undervalued if we choose to only focus on last-touch attribution and transactions only. Join us for a power session on measuring attribution data more effectively.

You'll learn about:

  • How attribution from mail donors online upends the “young people don’t give to mail” paradigm.
  • How attribution analysis helped our food bank clients' net revenue
  • How mail can be a valuable tool as the rising tide lifts all boats

Angel Shi, Strategy Consultant, Moore


IV.  Innovative Data & Direct Marketing Trends Going into 2023  (1:15pm - 2:00pm)

What’s next for direct mail, catalogs and multi-channel direct marketing? This interactive session will focus on examples and observations on how direct marketing is evolving as catalogs and direct mail becoming more interactive, measurable, and multi-channel. See samples from B2C including e-comm, D2C and omni-channel retailers. Topics include:
• Multi-channel, Multi-touch
• Connecting Offline & Online – Next-Gen QR Codes, Watermarks and Image Rec
• Pathway to Personalization
• Web Drivers – No Pricing, Shopping vs Buying
• Connected Content – Augmented Reality, Shoppable Video
• Household-first Multi-Channel: Integrating paid media and direct marketing
• Data and Measurement: intent signals, print & digital incrementality

Takeaways …

  • Understanding households is integral to bringing together paid and owned media (catalogs, DM)
  • Think incrementality and stop chasing attribution when marketing with multiple channels
  • Intent signals are critical to understanding audiences and moving to a more automated, always-on marketing mindset

John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., Executive Director, Advertising Media & Innovation, Quad 


Optional: Offsite & Nearby Networking Gathering (2:00pm)
Near Grand Central Station, NYC