Print in the Digital Age Committee Meeting

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Please join the ANA Print in the Digital Age Committee for an educational session on: How to Use Neuroscience Secrets to Drive Direct Mail Success, presented by Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing.

The emerging field of neuroscience will soon have a game-changing effect on how direct marketers communicate. More evidence is uncovered every day by social scientists and behavioral economists that prove people are hard-wired to behave in certain ways. Even though customers THINK they’re in control, the fact is they make UP TO 95% of their purchase decisions subconsciously – automatically & instinctively.  And these automatic behaviors can be prompted!

This has huge implications for how we create direct mail – how we design outer envelopes, write headlines and leads, structure offers, choose paper stocks and formats, etc. By injecting these proven principles of social science into our creative executions, we can increase engagement and response. This example-jammed presentation reveals how to do just that -- leveraging surprisingly persuasive scientific principles such as the Von Restorff Effect and Loss Aversion.

Nancy Harhut is passionate about the impact of behavioral science on marketing. An Online Marketing Institute Top 40 Digital Strategist, a Hatch Top 100 Creative Influencer, and the winner of numerous International ECHO awards, she has spearheaded integrated campaigns for clients such as AT&T, Dell, Nationwide, Bank of America, Sheraton, UnitedHealthcare, American Express, and More. The Chief Creative Officer of HBT Marketing, Harhut is known for her interesting and actionable insights that focus on applyhing behavioral science to marketing.  A sought-after, top-ranked speaker, she's wowed audiences in London, Sydney, Stockholm, Moscow, Madrid and all over the U.S. -- including attendees at SXSW.