Data & Direct Marketing

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Welcome and Introductions (11:00am - 11:10am)

I. Future-Proof Your Customer Data for a Post-Cookie World (11:10am - 11:50am)

For years, cookies have empowered brands and agencies with critical behavioral insights on consumers. But when the cookie crumbles in January 2022, what does that mean for your ability to understand and reach your target audience?

Consumer privacy has always been a top priority for Resonate and, now, by adapting our machine learning infrastructure to take advantage of Universal Identifiers, marketers can ensure that their 360-degree view of consumers will remain strong. What seems like doomsday will actually prove to be an opportunity for stronger-than-ever-before insights. So, how can brands ensure they’re on the right side of changing tide? Join AI-driven marketing expert Ericka Podesta McCoy, Resonate CMO, to learn how to take your unified view of customers to the next level ––with no interruption –– as today’s marketing world evolves into tomorrow, cookies or not.

Jonathan Ricard, SVP Agency, Resonate

II. Don’t Go it Alone! Data Collaboration is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing (11:50am - 12:30pm)

The clock is running out on the third-party cookie ecosystem. So, savvy digital marketers are turning to privacy-compliant collaborative data solutions to target their advertising. This presentation will show how successful brands are using these types of data partnerships to make relevant, profitable connections with audiences that matter at large scale. Join experts from Winterberry Group and Wiland as they discuss the highly successful digital marketing programs of Wiland client Smithsonian Associates—the largest museum-based education program in the world—and how data collaboration has fueled the organization’s growth, even in the most challenging of times.


  • Discover privacy-compliant collaborative data solutions that are working now.
  • Understand the expanded class of collaborative data solutions becoming available to digital marketers.
  • Learn how to get started with collaborative data partnerships that leverage first- and second-party data.

Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner, The Winterberry Group  
Roger Hiyama, Executive Vice President, Solutions & Innovation, Wiland
Dennis Smoot, Director, Internet Strategies, Smithsonian Associates


III. Norton Lifelock "Keep Prying Eyes Out" – a 2021 ECHO Entry Highlight (12:30pm - 1:00pm)

Leveraging consumer insights, we know the need for digital privacy is of utmost importance. As GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy laws made headlines in the new year, businesses spurred into action to update their privacy policies, bringing the topic of digital privacy into the spotlight. The "Keep Prying Eyes Out" campaign was created to educate consumers about and drive sales of Norton 360, a robust privacy solution including device security and privacy features offered by Norton. Research and consumer insights showed us that 85% of consumers view their digital privacy of utmost important, but only 25% feel that it’s highly protected.

Hear how Norton Lifelock successfully used this insight as the catalyst for positioning Norton 360 as a privacy solution and foundation for a mutlichannel campaign messaging strategy that would resonate globally and drive growth at an acceptable Cost of Acquisition.

Melissa Voeller, Director, Advertising Strategy & Global Campaigns, Norton Lifelock