Data & Direct Marketing

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WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS (11:00am - 11:15am)
Tina Jordan, Senior Director, ANA

I. Scaling Business through Data Driven Relationship Deepening 
(11:15am - 11:50am)

At Ally Financial, scaling businesses through relationship deepening is a cornerstone strategy and priority across the enterprise. The company strives to be a full financial ally for its customers with solutions and products that fit across all “money moments” in life. But how do they drive adoption? Data, Data, Data. In this discussion you’ll learn why relationship deepening is so important at Ally, how they use immense amounts of data to drive conversations with customers, and what the results of those efforts are in terms of loyalty and value.


  • Connect better with customers at key moments
  • Using immense amounts of data to drive conversations
  • Enhance customer loyalty and value

David Hixon, Executive Director - CRM & Marketing Analytics, Ally Financial, 

II. Data-driven Success in an Environment of Rapid Consumer Behavior Change (11:50am - 12:30pm)

Consumers want direct access to goods and services. In fact, consumers asking for a direct relationship is a top driver of why brands have gone direct thus far. Brands must determine what value they will deliver to consumers, and how they, as a business, can differentiate from other channel fulfillment options. Whether brands are creating a direct channel for the first time or investing deeper in an existing program, it’s imperative that brands first understand what consumers want from a direct relationship and build around these concepts: Trust.  Setting the stage with observations of changes in consumer behavior during COVID, Joe will talk about emerging opportunities to evolve data-driven strategies to fuel personalized marketing plans.

Joe Frick, Head of Partnership Development, Oracle Advertising and CX


III.  Member Roundtable  (12:30pm - 1:00pm)

Join in this conversation about answering some challenging questions on how marketing teams think about offline to online (O2O) strategies and how privacy and personalization play an important role in the tactics. Bring up any challenges and/or ask questions about your marketing efforts for group discussion and possible solutions. Submit your pain points in advance for discussion to

Panel Facilitators:
by Quad and Alliant Data; and YOU!