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NETWORKING BREAKFAST (9:00am - 9:30am ET)  

WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS (9:30am - 10:00am ET) 
Lisa Merizio Smith, Director, ANA

Delivering Performance | Direct Mail in the United States 2023 (10:00am - 10:45am ET)

$39.36 billion: that’s what brands in the U.S. will spend to support their direct mail marketing efforts this year. But with marketers facing intense pressure to generate higher returns from every dollar of investment—and more competition from emergent channels popping up every day—where will that spend head from here? How should direct mail’s role likely evolve as its cements its place in the omnichannel marketing mix? And what innovations are leading brands to generate new kinds of value from the mail channel? Winterberry Group’s Jonathan Margulies will address those questions and others while he reviews the findings of Winterberry’s latest research report, Delivering Performance | Direct Mail in the United States 2023, published in partnership with the United States Postal Service.

Speaker: Jonathan Margulies, Managing Partner, Winterberry Group


II. ANA Legislative, Ethics, Advocacy Update (10:45am - 11:15am ET)

Get the latest update from our Washington Legislative, Ethics and Advocacy team on:

  • ANA’s data hygiene tool, DMAchoice: Subscribe to this prospect mail suppression service to help us self-regulate in the eyes of legislators while building trust with consumers by honoring their marketing preferences while reducing waste and your costs.
  • ANA’s cross-border compliance mediation service, ANA DPF Dispute Resolution: Global marketing companies and data providers can join the Data Privacy Framework (DPF – formerly Privacy Shield) to legally transfer data from the EU, UK, or Switzerland to the United States. Learn about how the ANA as an approved mediator under this program can assist you.
  • Status of California S362 Data Delete bill, other state's data bills, and other legislative, regulatory activity directly affecting marketers.

Lisa Brown Shosteck, Consulting Director, ANA Center for Ethical Marketing | ANA DPF Dispute Resolution
David Buzby, Senior Director, Government Relations, ANA
Travis FrazierSenior Manager, Government Relations, ANA


BREAK (11:15am - 11:30am ET) 

III. Marketing to the “NEW” Longevity Economy: Reaching Customers Where They Are  (11:30am - 12:15pm ET) 

Still doing The Hustle, DIY home projects, active touring, driving sporty cars, and more, people are living longer and healthier lives and are fueling economic growth well past the traditional retirement age. The contributions of people 50-plus benefit society and Americans of all ages, as growing numbers of older adults work, pay taxes, support the job market, give time and money to charitable causes, and provide caregiving support to family and friends. Many marketers and their creative teams are missing opportunities.

In this session you will hear how AARP, the nonprofit organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age, segments their 50-plus consumer segment so advertisers can efficiently and effectively reach this audience which is growing, spending more, and has diverse needs and interests that are often overlooked by businesses. This includes digital transformation and omnichannel marketing that recognizes consumer needs and optimizes journeys, and adjusts to the changing marketing technology landscape to deliver a cohesive and consistent experience.


- Discover the “new” and diverse 50+ consumer marketplace
- Learn about advertising trends
- How AARP segments their member base for advertisers

Pamela Farrell, Senior Vice President, Marketing, AARP
Shelagh Daly Miller,
VP, Group Publisher, AARP Media Ad Network      

NETWORKING LUNCH (12:15pm - 12:45pm ET) 


IV. Marketing to Moms: Using Data-Driven Marketing to Build Connections and Trust (12:45pm - 1:30pm ET)

Standing tall as the apex customer, moms wield trillions in economic spending power. Every milestone along the parenting journey is a golden opportunity for brands to establish trust and forge lifelong relationships with the influential mom market. Join Miriam Kalaev Senior Director, Data Monetization, Strategy & Measurement, as she shares how to connect with moms precisely and at scale amid looming challenges like cookie depreciation, stricter privacy regulations, and an increasing reliance on zero- and first-party data. 


  • Discover the pivotal role of Mom as the gatekeeper for nearly every family buying decision 
  • Understand how to reach moms precisely and at scale
  • Learn how to activate data solutions to supercharge your brand marketing strategies


Miriam Kalaev, Sr Director, Data Monetization, Strategy & Measurement, Everyday Health Group Pregnancy & Parenting


V.  Member Roundtable - TOWN HALL - Sages of DM: Lessons Learned To Employ in 2024 (1:30pm - 2:15pm)

Take a needed break from the Q4 pressure and listen to DM veterans who will share their nuggets of wisdom on topics like: 

  • How to foster collaboration among silo'd departments such as PR, Marketing, and IT to achieve agile marketing in a dynamic marketplace.
  • What have been the missed opportunities for optimal customer engagement thus far and how can we do better in 2024?   

So, gather your team, listen, and participate in this TOWN HALL format where these topics and more will be addressed by our panelists and YOU as time allows.

Debbie Roth, fr. VP, Sales & Marketing, Japs-Olson
John Miglautsch, President, Wisconsin DMA
Peg Kuman,
CEO, Atlantic Fox Technologies; fr. EVP, V12

Optional: Nearby Offsite Networking Gathering (2:15pm)
One block from Grand Central Station, NYC