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Shopper Marketing, Midwest Chapter

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I. Session 1: Staying Agile in a Dynamic Retail Environment (9:45AM – 10:35AM)
Join Katie Schiavone in a discussion regarding perspectives on team structures, activations and creative that makes for great work. Come prepared with some thoughts to share with the group in a discussion led by Katie – who will also share Pepsi’s perspectives and pull from her years in the industry.  

Speaker: Katie Schiavone, Senior Director - Shopper Marketing, NAN Brands, PepsiCo 

COFFEE BREAK (10:35AM – 10:50AM)

II. Session 2:  Why Being ‘Basic’ Will Be Your Brand’s Best Brand Move (10:50AM – 11:40AM)
In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, marketers still need to remember the basics. Orange Leaf has spent the last year getting back-to-basics with our branding, marketing and promoting initiatives that have translated into improved same store sales. Our in-store marketing focuses on ‘zone selling’ where we are clear, concise and cohesive, making our product the hero. Our strength is our product, so our marketing works to highlight it in subtle ways and never clutter collateral with unnecessary information.

Speaker: Kristen Campbell, Director of Marketing, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

III. Session 3: Influence of Culture Codes in your Customer Journey Map (11:40AM – 12:30PM)
With an increasingly fragmented consumer journey (driven by customer need for personalization, the emergence in omnichannel, the revolution of social/digital platforms) and a more diverse consumer base (multicultural) its key for brands to navigate culture and its impact on your customer journey . This session will explore how there are key points of cultural divergence in every consumer journey that brands must understand in order to make the right investments in multicultural marketing, and ultimately win with this audience.

Speaker: John Burn, The Collage Group

One of the benefits of ANA Committees is the ability to share and learn from fellow marketers in a "closed door" environment and to leverage and share knowledge and insights with marketing peers. In this roundtable, we will ask members to share 1-2 "hot topics" or key areas of focus/challenge as a way to facilitate more one-to-one networking between members with similar challenges during coffee breaks and lunch. Come prepared to pose questions, exchange ideas and get insights from the group to current challenges, future opportunities and best practices in this “off the record” peer-to-peer conversation.