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Sustainability Committee Meeting May 2024

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SESSION 1: Poking the Bear: why purpose is still the right strategy, and how to do it properly

Nearly 50 per cent of large companies say they have experienced ESG backlash. In the face of this, we are in danger of some corporates going into purpose-related hibernation, rather than risk the perceived reputational damage of speaking out.

But with consumers and employees shifting expectations and with so many critical issues now requiring brand and business support, hibernation is not an option.

In this session we’ll share key insights from Revolt’s Poking the Bear research and the actions brands can embrace to unite people behind their purposeful missions and avoid backlash. We’ll reveal how even ‘grizzly’ issues can be ‘tamed’ by careful, pragmatic shifts in language to align with universal values.

Brands have an opportunity to use these insights to unite people behind their purposeful missions and continue to do purpose properly in a polarizing world.

 About Freya Williams

Freya Williams is a sustainability, brand purpose, corporate responsibility and marketing leader with 20+ years experience harnessing the power of business and brands to transform the world for the better. A trusted advisor to C-suite leaders, Freya partners with global corporations, agencies and nonprofits to translate sustainability and social impact into competitive advantage. A vocal advocate of the role of sustainability in driving business performance, Freya is the author of Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability Into Billion-Dollar Businesses. She recently founded her advisory, Green Giants Etc., with a small roster of ambitious C-suite clients committed to driving meaningful change. She is also Fractional Chief Strategy Officer at Revolt, North America.

About Peter Bardell

Pete is a founding partner of Revolt, having previously led the global accounts of some of the world’s biggest brands. At McCan his work on Xbox was recognised with the Grand Prix at both Cannes and the APG, whilst at Mother he led the global business for Intel and Acer. Most recently, he helped grow Joint into one of the largest independent agencies in London, launching TSB and Amazon Prime in the process. 


SESSION 2: Ad Net Zero Shares Emissions Best Practices and Case Studies from Sustainable Advertising Book -- featuring Seb Munden and Matt Bourn

Ad Net Zero Chair, Sebastian Munden, and the UK’s Advertising Association Communications Director, Matt Bourn, have just written a new book, published by Kogan Page, called Sustainable Advertising. It includes a manifesto for anyone in marketing and advertising to adopt, putting their skills to promoting better choices, disconnecting value-creation from more stuff, accelerating economic productivity, and growing the businesses that will be central to a sustainable economy.

In this session, both authors will share practical case studies and examples of how and where marketers can make a sustainable advertising a reality, through their influence in the ecosystem and by growing demand for sustainable products, services and behaviours. It will also include an update on the critical developments in the Ad Net Zero initiative which will help make the changes needed to put the world’s advertising industry on a sustainable footing.