Finalists Named for 2015 Genius Awards in Marketing Analytics

Adobe, Comcast, Franklin Templeton Investments, IBM, Neiman Marcus, SAP, and Turner Honored for Analytics Achievement 

NEW YORK (Sept. 17, 2015) — The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) is pleased to announce finalists for The 2015 Genius Awards, recognizing the most innovative and powerful work in marketing analytics. The finalists, representing some of the most sophisticated brands worldwide, are honored in three award categories:

  • Charles Schwab, IBM, and SAP are finalists for Excellence in Analytics-Driven Strategy, awarded to brands applying the most advanced approaches to allocating marketing investments.
  • Franklin Templeton Investments, IBM, and Neiman Marcus are finalists for Excellence in Digital Marketing Analytics, awarded to brands driving unprecedented growth through data-driven digital engagement.
  • Adobe, Comcast, and Turner are finalists for Pioneering Analytics Innovation, awarded to analytics trailblazers disrupting the status quo.

“The Genius Award finalists exemplify the best in scientific marketing — whether through complex strategic planning, digital marketing intelligence, or revolutionary applications of data-driven advertising,” said Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA. “The analytics work these marketers are doing helps drive outstanding growth for their companies and elevates the role of marketing in their organizations. All the finalists are role models for a new marketing era.”

Wes Nichols, co-founder and CEO of leading marketing analytics software provider MarketShare, the organization presenting the awards, added, “In a data-driven world, analytics are a key differentiator between brands that just get by and those that truly lead. To see powerhouse brands build remarkable analytics programs, look no farther than the Genius Awards finalists.”

The ANA Genius Awards program is the evolution of the ANA Marketing Analytics Leadership Award program, established by the ANA in partnership with MarketShare in 2013 as analytics rose to new prominence in the marketing field. The rebranding reflects the program’s expansion to include three categories, accounting for the diversity of ways brands have embraced analytics to drive business impact.

The Genius Award finalists were revealed at the ANA’s Masters of Measurement Conference on September 17 in Miami. Winners will be announced at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference, October 14–17 in Orlando, Fla. Winners receive prominent industry and media recognition as analytics leaders, and share a $100,000 prize pool for the charity of their choice.

In addition to MarketShare’s participation, the Genius Awards are also offered in affiliation with The Advertising Research Foundation and Marketing Science Institute. Bloomberg is the Genius Awards’ media partner.

To learn more about The Genius Awards or to find out how to enter in 2016, go to


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