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Showing Competence, Aptitude, Leadership, and Professionalism

Rising Marketing Stars EntriesSince 2010, the ANA Rising Star Awards have recognized the valuable contributions of the next generation of top marketers to their marketing organizations. The winners are nominated each year for demonstrating leadership, innovative forward thinking, and the ability to elevate their marketing teams.

During each Masters of Marketing Week, we present the Rising Marketing Star Award to the future leaders of the marketing community. The winners of the Rising Marketing Star Award act as role models for other up-and-coming marketers across the industry. It is a terrific opportunity for someone at your company, as the winners carry the recognition this award conveys throughout their careers.

We invite you to learn more about the Rising Star Awards, including what should be included in a nomination, and nominate the young people in your marketing organization who have shown competence, aptitude, leadership, and professionalism in the field of marketing.


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