Measurement and Accountability

Measurement and Accountability is critically important to advertisers as it sets the foundation for business success. For marketers, measurement is the key to gaining insights into all aspects of their business, carrying out successful ad campaigns, making business decisions and driving growth opportunities.

The ANA invites marketers to leverage its Measurement for Marketers (MFM) practice, which drives needed changes in measurement, educates marketers on business impacting initiatives, and builds a measurement and research community furthering innovation and knowledge exchange.

The Challenge

New market developments and a highly fragmented media landscape have challenged traditional measurement approaches and created significant knowledge gaps for marketers. Companies are challenged to measure a highly complex and fragmented audience across various devices, platforms, and channels.

The ANA’s Response

The Measurement For Marketers (MFM) practice helps marketers navigate a complex measurement ecosystem while leading industry-wide initiatives like the ANA's Cross-Media Measurement (CMM) initiative, which focuses on creating a transparent, privacy-centric measurement solution that provides complete measures of all ad exposures.

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Industry Insights

Your Attribution Model May Be Data Driven – But It’s Still Not the Right Answer

by Jordan Cardonick, 1 hour ago

The concept of attribution had noble and necessary beginnings – entering the marketing landscape like a newly anointed royal ready to wave away our collective blindness to which ads were working and which were not. Even with its rules-based and/or data-driven origins, “attribution” has always been a misnomer. While it’s been a reasonable success in understanding basic ad performance – it is one the greatest distractions of our time.

Industry Insights

Why Performance Is Paramount for Brands in 2023

by Donna Hamilton, 2 days ago

“Performance Marketing” has had its time as a buzz word, but amid the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever. Consumer behavior has always been unpredictable, particularly in the last few years, and 2023 waters are looking to be quite murky. However, marketers can find clarity in measuring and optimizing performance.

Industry Insights

3 Ways Marketers Can Combat Uncertainty and Build Confidence in 2023

by James Dodge, 6 days ago

What are marketers concerned about right now? Recent discussions I’ve had with CMOs from a range of industries have revealed three consistent themes.

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