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  • #ANALOG for November 2016

    ANA Magazine   November 8, 2016  

    How Dos Toros Taqueria turned a new location opening into a Snapchat event; the Ally Bank stunt that will have you staring into your spare change jar; the numbers on industry morale; upcoming events; key stats; quick facts; and more.

  • The Evolution Will Be Addressed

    ANA Magazine   November 7, 2016  

    Reports of TV advertising’s death are greatly exaggerated. Addressable TV is the next step in mass marketing to consumers; here’s a look at what it means for finding the right audience, measurability, and more.

  • End of the Line

    ANA Magazine   November 6, 2016  

    Jim Speros, the EVP of corporate communications at Fidelity Investments, has lived a storied career. On the eve of his retirement, Speros sits down to share some final thoughts on the industry and the profession of marketing.

  • To Hell and Back

    ANA Magazine   November 5, 2016  

    How a scientific expedition into an active volcano helped GE marketers tell the story of the Industrial Internet, explain the company’s own evolution, and help save lives.

  • Are We There Yet?

    ANA Magazine   October 10, 2016  

    Campaigns based on location data can be very effective, but there are challenges in getting there.

  • Foresight Keeps Lowe's at the Forefront

    ANA Magazine   October 9, 2016  

    Tanya Franklin of Lowe’s explains how to distinguish trends and fads, deal with executive leadership, and more.

  • The Brand Health Puzzle

    ANA Magazine   October 8, 2016  

    How to pick the right metrics to get an accurate evaluation of your brand’s health.

  • Duty and Honor

    ANA Magazine   October 6, 2016  

    What brands are doing to show their support for the military and the nation’s veterans through their marketing and good works, and what other brands can do to get involved.

  • #ANALOG for October 2016

    ANA Magazine   October 5, 2016  

    The content series brewing at Starbucks; reader preference for paper versus digital books; a forecast for the cloud storage market; upcoming events; key stats; quick facts; and more.

  • Fragmentation, Data, and the Future of Television Advertising

    ANA Magazine   September 6, 2016  

    As TV advertising enjoys a resurgence in popularity, marketers need to know how to deal with fragmentation and the best way to maximize reach.

  • Staying in Bounds

    ANA Magazine   September 5, 2016  

    How brands in regulated industries keep their marketing fresh and creative while playing by the rules.

  • Finding the Right Celebrity Spokesperson

    ANA Magazine   September 4, 2016  

    Three things marketers need to consider when setting out to find a celebrity spokesperson.

  • #ANALOG for September 2016

    ANA Magazine   September 3, 2016  

    The future of wearables is tattoos; device usage by generation; the staggering projection for virtual reality sales; Amazon goes offline; upcoming events; key stats; quick facts; and more.

  • Shifting Demographics, By the Numbers

    ANA Magazine   September 3, 2016  

    A look at how U.S. consumers are changing, and what they expect from the brands they support

  • New Blood

    ANA Magazine   August 8, 2016  

    Marketing faces a tough challenge that could have long-term ramifications. How does the industry win and keep new talent when so many grads are opting for careers elsewhere?

  • Loyalty Is Its Own Reward

    ANA Magazine   August 5, 2016  

    Infographic: A look at consumer loyalty and the benefit of rewards programs, by the numbers.

  • Oh Snap

    ANA Magazine   August 3, 2016  

    How Gatorade, GrubHub, and Trojan use Snapchat, with overviews and explanations of how the platform works and ways marketers can use it for their brands.

  • Media Transparency: The Aftermath

    ANA Magazine   August 2, 2016  

    An independent investigation into media buying practices has set the marketing industry on edge, and a new set of guidelines is showing marketers the way forward toward media transparency.

  • ANALOG for August 2016

    ANA Magazine   August 1, 2016  

    The 5G future of the internet; the half-life of a digital post; the cost of ignoring gender bias; MasterCard’s new brand identity; key stats; quick facts; and more.

  • Achieving Nirvana

    ANA Magazine   July 11, 2016  

    More and more, marketers need to prove business results. Now, with the right tools, marketers can connect video ad spend to product sales.


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