Analytics & Data Science

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Welcome & Introductions (11:00 AM)
Tina Jordan, Senior Director, ANA

I. Customer Contact Strategy and Response Modeling with Colony Brands and Others (11:15 AM -11:50 AM)

With marketing cost increases all over the place, marketers have to pay attention to how they spend marketing dollars to maximize incremental profit. Most direct marketers make contact strategy decisions vertically at an event-by-event basis. They also lack the visibility of the extent of cannibalization between each event. The combination of these factors causes marketers to over-contact their customers. These unnecessary touchpoints generate non-profitable sales whereby incremental marketing cost is higher than incremental sales. Hear several examples of how Colony Brands and other brands are using an innovative method for contact strategy and response modeling.

See actual client results to demonstrate the following:

  • The differences between vertical and horizontal contact strategy planning
  • The concept and impact of campaign cannibalization
  • The concept of non-profitable sales
  • How an innovative marketing contact strategy and response modeling technique optimized customer contacts and impacted clients’ bottom line

Sam Fong, Sr. Marketing Consultant, IMS an affiliate of Colony Brands

II. Trends in the Data Science Job Market and What Employers Want (11:50 AM -12:30 PM)

Trends in data science and the analytics job market and what employers are looking for will be presented from various points of view.

Matt Ryan, Senior Director of Donor Experience Operations and Analytics, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Paul Chatlos, Data Science and Analytics Recruiter, Smith Hanley Associates


III. Member Roundtable - What Is the Answer to YOUR Data & Analytics Challenge? (12:30 PM -1:00 PM)

Organizational management, customer and audience segmentation, media and ad/spend, lead/customer scoring, personalizing customer experience, and the range of challenges surrounding them -- first and third-party data, test and learn, attribution enterprise adoption, walled gardens, what modeling programs are best, etc. 

This is your time to engage with your fellow committee members in open discussion around evolving issues and current challenges in data analytics. We look forward to a very engaging discussion of pain points among colleagues, with a group poll to follow. This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers.

Devyani Sadh, Ph.D., CEO & Chief Data Officer, Data Square