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John Paquin, Director of the Content Marketing Committee – ANA


I. How Content Teams will Guide Brands to a More Fruitful Future with AI (11:35AM – 12:15PM)
What’s the best course for an enterprise brand in a time of unprecedented change? If we’ve learned one thing over the past couple years, it’s that it’s getting harder to predict.

What many businesses haven’t yet learned is that answers live within recorded content. Video and audio have grown so much, especially over the last few years, they’ve become the primary way we communicate and learn. Think, for example, of a virtual panel at a travel industry summit where new data reveals consumers’ current willingness to stay at a hotel. Or video conversations with QSR customers where a lot of people express the desire for healthier food. 

If you’re privy to those moments in recordings, you’ve been given the gift of insight you can use. But that’s a big IF; there’s so much recorded content now, and it’s so long, it’s easy for insights to get lost. 

At a simple level, AI is now making it easier for content marketers to extract those moments and use them to engage audiences. But the AI-enabled content marketer can actually enable a lot more for their brand. Giving anyone across their business easy access to critical knowledge buried within hours of video, the content marketer becomes a conduit to growth – bringing focus and aligning teams in common purpose. 

For a big brand, this is when challenge becomes opportunity; a ton of long recorded content – once overwhelming – now becomes a treasure trove of insight that guides business forward. But only with the help of really smart AI.


  • How AI is getting smarter about surfacing insights from video and audio
  • How you can turn those recordings into a goldmine of business insight
  • How teams can collaborate and align more effectively with shared access to video and audio insights

Speaker: Mari Joller, Founder &CEO –  Snackable AI 

II. Reinventing an American Icon (12:15PM – 1:55PM)
Audiences view some historic brands as old and stodgy, and others as classic, authentic, legacy brands. Marketing can make all the difference. We helped 100-year-old A&W become relevant again by appealing to two important audience segments: boomers (by reminding them of their love for the drive-in diners) and millennials (by reaching out through the modern media they access). The result has been nine straight years of double-digit sales growth.

Liz Bazner, Senior Marketing Director – A&W Restaurants
Whit Hiler, Executive Creative Director – CORNETT


 Speaker Bios

Mari Joller, Founder &CEO –  Snackable AI 
Mari Joller is founder and CEO of Snackable AI. The company helps businesses distill the most powerful insights from countless hours of webinars, industry presentations, podcasts, customer conversations, and more, faster than ever before.

Snackable is the second AI-focused business Mari has started (the first, Scarlet, was acquired in 2016) and one of many technologies she’s built/scaled, including products for Virgin Mobile and Nokia. She's a firm believer in the power of innovative technology to solve real problems, speaking frequently on topics ranging from how AI products can be designed more responsibly to the future of work in our digital-first (and increasingly complex) world.

A New Yorker born in Estonia, where half of Snackable is based, Mari is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Middlebury College.

Liz Bazner, Senior Marketing Director – A&W Restaurants
Liz has been a fan of A&W for many years. Liz joined the A&W Marketing Team in 2011 & quickly fell in love with all aspects of social & digital media.  In addition to spreading brand awareness & increasing A&W’s web presence, one of her main focuses has been exploring new media tactics and platforms that provide measurable ROI. Her team is dedicated to providing best-in-class marketing support to the A&W franchise system. Liz holds an M.B.A. from the University of Kentucky and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Policy from Vanderbilt University.

Whit Hiler, Executive Creative Director – CORNETT
Whit Hiler is Executive Creative Director at CORNETT. He’s worked at the Lexington, Kentucky agency for a decade, mostly as a creative director. He was promoted to ECD in 2019.

Hiler’s objective is to take CORNETT to the next level. As a leader, he is a champion of chasing ideas, and he pushes his team to try things that haven’t been done before for the agency’s clients, which include A&W Restaurants, VisitLEX, Tempur + Sealy, UK HealthCare and Keeneland. 

Adweek, named him one of the 100 most creative people in the industry; Digiday pondered whether Hiler is “The Most Talented Creative in America” and Business Insider named him one of the “24 Most Creative People in Advertising.”