Data & Direct Marketing

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WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS (11:00am - 11:15am)

I. Powering Brands to Drive Better CX, Build Trust, and Grow (11:15am - 11:50am)

An immense shift in online advertising is underway with the looming deprecation of 3P cookies. This presents both the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity for marketers; 2022 will be the transition year. A clear view on program goals can help advertisers and marketers sift through the noise to understand how to connect disparate data points and leverage third party insights to create impactful audiences and better customer understanding. 

Linda Harrison, Director of Campaign Strategy (AKA DataGuru), Acxiom Corporation

II. Industry Outlook for Advertising, Marketing and Data 2022: Digital Shifts, Video Convergence and a Continued Rally (11:50am - 12:30pm)

An annual industry report from Winterberry Group, hear what major forces are influencing current trends that give reason for optimism this year despite geopolitical and supply challenges. Spending on advertising and marketing both offline and online will be examined including a shift to video formats across channels; data and identity services, M&A transactions, the Great Resignation, B2B digital shift, measurement and more. What's forecasted for 2022 and beyond? Talk includes:

  • Recap major events in 2021, current industry pressures and their impact on marketing in 2022
  • Forecast where marketers will direct their spending in 2022 & beyond
  • Discussion of the macro trends driving today's media mix and martech investments

Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner, Winterberry Group


III.  Member Roundtable  (12:30pm - 1:00pm)

Your time to bring up any challenges and/or ask questions about your marketing efforts for group discussion and possible solutions.