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I. Breakfast & Registration (9:30-10am) 

II. Announcements & Introductions (10-10:15am)

NASCAR is the most influential auto racing company in the world, with more than 1,500 races annually and the Daytona 500 as the sport’s signature event. Through television, digital, and the racing track experience, the NASCAR platform generates billions of impressions as the organization and its drivers influence culture while also using influencers to help bring more fans into the sport. Hear how NASCAR is executing its influencer marketing strategy to attract the next generation of diverse racing enthusiasts.

Erica Wilkerson, Director, Multicultural/Youth Marketing and Social Responsibility, NASCAR

IV. Beyond the Algorithm: How Little Caesars Made TikTok Work For Them (10:55-11:35am)
In the course of only a few short years, Little Caesars has grown to become the #1 pizza brand on TikTok by championing their own version of crazy fun to connect with one of most elusive audiences on social media: Gen Z. Join Raquel Werner, Brand Manager, Consumer Engagement at Little Caesars and Jessica Kingman, Director of Strategy, Social Platforms at McKinney to hear how they were able to stay true to the Little Caesars’ brand DNA and authentically connect with a brand new audience on TikTok.

Raquel Werner, Brand Manager, Consumer Engagement, Little Caesars Pizza 
Jessica Kingman, Director of Strategy, Social Platforms, McKinney

V. Break (11:35-11:45am)

VI. How Lenovo Scored Social Media Accounts to Improve Content Performance (11:45-12:25pm) 
Organic brand content may be less valuable than it used to be, but it’s not dying any time soon. Ensuring a global brand’s accounts all post good content regularly is increasingly difficult. What is good social performance anyway? In this session, learn how Lenovo’s Social Media Health Index created a scoring system that identified problem areas in social content strategies and gave social leads specific actions to improve performance.

Casey Petersen, Global Social Analytics and Paid Media, Lenovo

VII. Lunch (12:25pm-1:30pm)