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ANA Releases Updated Media Buying Contract Template

The ANA has updated its Master Media Buying Services Template Agreement for advertisers to use when contracting with media buying agencies. The ANA initially released the template in 2016 and updated it in 2018. The June 2023 version addresses key developments in the media buying industry over the past five years, with transparency and accountability remaining as its foundation. This template was developed by ANA’s outside legal counsel, Reed Smith LLP.

For most companies, advertising spend is their second or third largest spend following people and real estate. Therefore, an advertiser’s contract with its media agency must be detailed and precise given the amount of media flowing through the agency and the complexity of the media ecosystem. 

The updated template is a starting point for the development of a customized contract for use with media agencies performing work in the U.S. It does not represent the only method by which a contractual relationship between an advertiser and its media buying agency can be addressed. Each negotiation is different, and changes in template provisions should be expected as negotiations ensue.