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Marketing in a Recession shares important information, research, and tools to help marketers prepare for, and successfully navigate, the anticipated 2023 economic downturn. The content has been curated to provide best practices from past recessions, the latest thinking on what to anticipate going forward, and case studies about the steps leading brands took to navigate tough economic times and ultimately thrive.

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ANA CEO Bob Liodice shares encouraging words as marketers prepare for tough economic times in 2023.

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“In the next few months, if you have not already been asked, you’re going to be asked to cut your budgets, you’re going to be asked to find ways to save money. This is not the time to do that.”

- Bob Liodice, ANA CEO


Best Practices

Learn how some of the top brands successfully maneuvered through economic downturns.

Q&A: How to Develop Recession-Proof Marketing

1 week ago

ANA CEO Bob Liodice offers four ways that marketers can recession-proof their marketing strategies, along with other insights to help them prepare for challenging economic times.

Pivoting for Growth: As Uncertainty Looms, Brands Find Footing in Personalization

3 weeks ago

To find a footing in this multi-generational, multicultural, and multi-socioeconomic world, brands must be prepared to change course in driving engagement, participation, and, ultimately, sales.

Partner Content

Stay current on the latest economic related news from across the industry.

Proactive Steps Marketers Can Take to Mitigate Recessionary Impacts on Their Brand

3 months ago

Marina Stuefer, senior partner at Gain Theory, shared steps marketers could take to prepare for a potential oncoming recession.

Media Inflation Outlook: 2022 and 2023

6 months ago

AuditStar and Cortex Media created a media inflation forecast that covers the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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Case Studies

Learn what steps your marketing peers took to prepare for the last recession.

Resilience in a Time of Turbulence: A Fireside Chat with Habitat for Humanity

11 months ago

Habitat for Humanity discussed some of the ways that it has responded to the pandemic and the calls for racial justice that have marked the past several years.

How These Nonprofits Pivoted During the Pandemic

1 year ago

The word “pivot” has become an all-too familiar part of our shared lexicon over the past COVID-plagued year. Nor have “pivots” been something that we only talked about; they’ve been an indispensable part of the way that we’ve conducted our lives and business.


Know what the experts are finding through their recession-based research.

Trends in U.S. Digital Advertising and Media in 2022

1 year ago

In this webinar, Paul Verna, Principal Analyst and Head of the Advertising and Media Practice at Insider Intelligence, explores trends in U.S. digital advertising and media as we head into a future shaped by the pandemic but no longer bound by it.

Key Economic Trends Shaping the Future of Giving

1 year ago

Experts discussed the economic outlook and key trends for organizations and their donors and what this will mean for the future of giving.

Thought Leadership

What top marketers and industry watchers have to say about navigating these challenging times.

Going Dark: The Consequences of Pausing Ad Spend

2 weeks ago

What happens if I pause or stop my ad spending due to extraordinary times?

Building Brand Love in Tough Times

by Chuck Kapelke, 1 month ago

The key to cultivating brand love in a sluggish economy is not only being reliable but also demonstrating to consumers how their affection for certain products and/or services can make a tangible contribution to improving society.

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