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Through best practices, case studies, interviews, and expert advice, B2B Marketer provides the strategic and tactical edge marketers need to attract, nurture, and convert today's always-on buyers.

  • B2B Marketers Wrestle with How to Apply AI

    B2B   February 14, 2024  

    As they build their generative AI strategy, B2B marketers should be aware that the benefits of AI are often contingent on having clean data.

  • B2B Influencer Marketing Is Ready for the Spotlight

    B2B   February 7, 2024  

    B2B marketers tend to use influencers to create and promote content at the awareness stage of the sales funnel, but they are failing to realize that influencers can have a positive effect throughout the entire pipeline and even after a sale closes.

  • What B2B Buyers Want in 2024

    B2B   January 26, 2024  

    Getting in front of increasingly discerning buyers will be a major priority among B2B marketers this year, according to a recent study. Their work is cut out for them, including helping B2B buyers understand product specifications/configurations when researching purchases and providing consistent product or service information.

  • Quality Content Plants the Seeds of Trust

    B2B   January 12, 2024  

    Salesy, self-serving content is a major turn off for B2B technology buyers. To keep their interest, B2B marketers must develop thought leadership-based programming featuring up-to-date information that will help customers do their jobs better.

  • B2B Marketers Own the Customer Journey, Now What?

    B2B   December 20, 2023  

    As B2B buyers increasingly migrate to online venues, they avoid the interactions that once gave salespeople an edge in customer knowledge. More than ever, B2B brands must rely on marketers to fuel growth, but are companies up for the challenge?

  • Can Generative AI Level the Marketing Field for SMBs?

    B2B   November 22, 2023  

    A growing number of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are betting on generative AI and hoping to reap the benefits. But the technology is still evolving and prone to occasional "hallucinations" and inconsistent output. SMB marketers should start to experiment with employee-facing applications, rather than customer-facing use cases, to reduce the risk of negatively affecting revenue as they iron out any bugs.

  • B2B Video Is Bringing in Customers

    B2B   November 8, 2023  

    While B2B companies are plugging video into their marketing dashboards, many remain skittish about how to incorporate the medium into a robust third-party marketing strategy and subsequently use their social channels to reach their customers and prospects.

  • How to Fix a Broken B2B Marketing Automation Strategy

    B2B   October 18, 2023  

    As they face increasing pressure to provide adequate returns, marketers need to establish clear guidelines for where to invest and ultimately prove the effectiveness of marketing automation. They also must implement test-and-learn scenarios to continuously optimize automation investments, cease lower-performing marketing activities, and personalize their marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

  • How Marketers Feed Consumer Hunger for Travel

    B2B   October 4, 2023  

    Christine Maguire, GM and VP of global business at Tripadvisor and board member at the U.S. Travel Association, says that to keep up with consumer travel demands these days, brands need to deliver seamless experiences, which increasingly requires technology, generative AI, and long-term thinking.

  • Sharing Is the Major Ingredient for Revenue Marketing

    B2B   September 27, 2023  

    While revenue marketing is ultimately about transitioning marketing from a cost center to a revenue driver, that doesn't mean B2B companies can ignore objectives like brand-building and bolstering the customer experience. Despite the inherent friction between the two, sales and marketing alignment is crucial.

  • Widening the Pipeline

    B2B   September 13, 2023  

    Pipeline marketing, or widening the sales funnel throughout every stage of the customer journey, is becoming a more effective way for B2B marketers to generate revenue, according to a recent study. But the process is not linear. It's more of an ecosystem, in which marketers need to be able to respond quickly with the right tools to keep wayward customers and prospects on track.

  • B2B Brand-Building Is Having a Moment

    B2B   September 6, 2023  

    "The B2B Marketing Benchmark" report released in June by LinkedIn and Ipsos notes a growing number of B2B organizations recognize the importance of branding, which they had previously relegated to the back burner. The report also found that three quarters of respondents plan to use or keep using generative artificial intelligence to aid marketing efforts.

  • What's Keeping CMOs Up at Night?

    B2B   August 30, 2023  

    The fifth annual "Marketing On My Mind" report from Brand Keys, based on a survey of more than 500 CMOs, offers insight into what's top of mind for marketers facing what the report calls a "perfect storm" of miseries. Inflation and a possible recession, as well as pressure over increased profits/shareholder value, top the list.

  • B2B Marketers Embrace Intent Data

    B2B   August 16, 2023  

    Intent data — which gathers clues that indicate whether individuals or companies might have an interest in a product, service, category, or topic — is giving marketers more confidence about communicating the value of their data-driven marketing programs to decision-makers.

  • Brand-Building Is at the Heart of Customer Loyalty

    B2B   July 19, 2023  

    Whether B2B or B2C, there's a growing onus on marketers to balance brand-building with lead-generation activities to spur customer loyalty and get people to feel good about their company. The strategy is not nearly as simple as it sounds.

  • B2B Companies Double Down on Personalization

    B2B   July 12, 2023  

    The findings from a recent McKinsey study, which polled 3,800 B2B decision-makers in 13 countries, found that market-share winners — companies that boosted their market share percentage by 10 percent or more last year — are delivering "a great omnichannel experience backed by personalized marketing."

  • The Future of B2B Email Marketing

    B2B   June 28, 2023  

    While email is still a marketing workhorse for B2B companies — 76 percent of respondents in a recent survey credited email marketing for the company’s success — many brands are struggling to find adequate resources and internal support and investment. Is AI the answer?

  • More B2B Companies Go Big on Branding

    B2B   June 14, 2023  

    The consumerization of B2B advertising has been developing for the past few years. But it’s only more recently that business-to-business firms have set their sights well beyond a fixed set of buyers, devoting hefty budgets to events that used to be the sole domain of consumer-facing brands.

  • Are B2B Brands Out of Touch with Younger Buyers?

    B2B   May 24, 2023  

    Compared to older buyers (read: baby boomers and gen Xers), gen Zers rely less on vendors and more on independent sources of information. To get in front of buyers doing their own research, B2B marketers need to devote more resources toward improving how their company shows up in search and amplifying positive mentions and ratings in analysts' reports.

  • How to View B2B Customers Through a More Nuanced Lens

    B2B   May 10, 2023  

    Peter Fader, a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, says B2B companies tend to lump too many customers and prospects together and fail to see those buyers who are the most serious about establishing long-term relationships. Changing the equation requires marketers to get a better read on the definition of customer lifetime value.