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  • Your Customers Want ESG to Change the World

    Forward   April 28, 2022  

    In the past, purpose in marketing might have been seen as a lever to increase brand perception and consumer preference, or only pursued if it was natively part of the company’s mission. Now, a commitment to societal issues or putting accountability at the core of one’s brand are no longer a bonus or a nice-to-have, a new report from Bloomberg Media finds — they are an essential part of doing business.

  • Bringing the B2B Customer Experience to Life

    Forward   April 26, 2022  

    Understanding which type of customer experience (CX) resonates most effectively with B2B customers is important, but it’s only part of the equation. Once a business knows what type of experience it wants to deliver, it must address the practicality of how to bring that experience to life. Based on Merkle’s research, here’s where B2B organizations can start.

  • Measurement and Attribution in the Age of Converged TV

    Forward   March 29, 2022  

    As the viewer experience evolves, converged TV, which encompasses premium, professionally produced content across linear and digital TV and multiple platforms and devices, has taken a front seat to both digital video and traditional linear markets. Advertisers are recognizing the need to bring all forms of premium video into one view rather than keeping digital and TV budgets in silos.

  • Finding Relevance in the Metaverse

    Forward   March 22, 2022  

    The metaverse is a nicely bundled term for something that enthusiasts believe will be huge. Brands around the world are investing time and money to see how they might benefit from it, and some are leaping straight in, exploring the scope of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But without a thorough understanding of what people want from the metaverse (or if they want it at all), there are factors that need consideration.

  • With the Right Approach to Streaming Ads, Brands Can Earn Goodwill From Consumers

    Forward   March 8, 2022  

    As ad-supported streaming continues to grow, marketers are weighing the best ways to engage with consumers who have more options and control than ever before. Early research from WarnerMedia shows that a more customized, intentional ad approach is not only highly effective but can generate a unique level of affinity from consumers.

  • Marketing in the Metaverse

    Forward   March 1, 2022  

    Brands are cautiously circling the metaverse, wondering how they’ll eventually engage consumers in these vast, virtual spaces. They’re factoring in the possibility that the metaverse could change everything, from their approach to creative and consumer engagement to how they measure and analyze campaigns. The metaverse will not exclusively take place with virtual reality headsets, but marketers will have to embrace 3D to participate.

  • Nostalgia Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

    Forward   January 18, 2022  

    One of the ironies of the past two years is that while the pandemic accelerated the arrival of what were once thought to be future trends — including marketing automation, contactless retail, and virtual reality as a collaborative productivity tool — it's also triggered an increased fondness for the past.

  • Four Things Marketers Need to Know About OOH for 2022

    Forward   December 16, 2021  

    Changes wrought by the pandemic offer marketers the opportunity to leverage new technologies in out-of-home advertising. Here are four things marketers should consider about OOH in 2022.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Marketing Strategy and the Customer Experience

    Forward   December 14, 2021  

    There is no doubt that marketing operations — the layer between marketing strategy and customer experience — is making an impact today. However, marketing ops is ripe for exponential improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness through next-generation technology. A new study from BrandMaker offers insights into how to move forward.

  • The Importance of Channeling Millennial Diversity

    Forward   December 9, 2021  

    As businesses continue to embrace their digital-first future, marketing executives must integrate millennial marketers in a way they never have, engaging them as key contributors in their marketing discussions. In fact, their business' survival may depend on it.

  • Building a Culture of Innovation

    Forward   November 30, 2021  

    Successful leaders understand that a culture of innovation is built on strong teams. Here, corporate leaders from Pfizer, Blue Shield California, Johnson Controls, BECU, and Webex provide insight into what it takes to build those teams and inspire real change.

  • Marketing to the Corners of the Mind

    Forward   November 23, 2021  

    In this interview, Jon Gibs, global director of advertising science at Spotify, who oversees the brand’s measurement, research, and audience solutions, shares findings from recent research about audio and what it means for brands.

  • Cross-Platform Measurement and the Key to Unlocking Buyer Journey Knowledge

    Forward   November 18, 2021  

    TV has changed. To reach the masses today, messages must appear everywhere people watch video. This means advertisers must embrace both linear TV and streaming. Cross-platform, unified impression measurement is now essential.

  • Humanity Is the Secret Ingredient for Superior CX

    Forward   November 16, 2021  

    Showing empathy isn’t based on data. It’s a gut feeling, intuition, an understanding of how to connect meaningfully with the human on the other end. Ever since people rallied around essential workers 20 months ago, they’ve demanded that same level of transparency, empathy, and understanding from the brands they support.

  • No Looking Back

    Forward   November 9, 2021  

    There is no crystal ball to determine what’s next for small- and medium-sized businesses, but these five observations of the current landscape may help B2B marketers divine where things are going next.

  • Designing the Engine of Repeatable Innovation

    Forward   October 28, 2021  

    Building a successful innovation engine has many rewards, from operating efficiency to greater ROI, higher NPS ratings, increased sales, and stronger brand loyalty — but it takes the right process and talent.

  • Why Addressable TV and CTV Need to Coexist in a Cross-Screen World

    Forward   October 21, 2021  

    The convergence of traditional television and digital video presents unique opportunities for marketers but also adds a layer of complexity. The goal for advertisers is to get away from siloed approaches when it comes to media selection, as the current landscape enables companies to reach audiences whenever and wherever they may be consuming content.

  • Agency Management As a Risk-Management Advantage

    Forward   October 19, 2021  

    When brands implement agency-management initiatives, there are usually two drivers or goals. One is to rationalize and optimize agency relationships for more effective marketing programs, another is to achieve cost efficiencies in the form of savings or spend optimization. But such initiatives can help companies address and mitigate business risk as well.

  • New Meal Plan for Marketers

    Forward   October 14, 2021  

    Third-party cookies, which provide brands with consumer data to create targeted advertising campaigns, are starting to get phased out already, with Google’s Chrome apps going to pasture in 2023. But CMOs can’t wait to prepare for a cookieless world. Marketers and their teams will need time to understand new tools and technologies and incorporate them into their workflows.

  • The Unnecessary Tradeoffs Marketers May Make

    Forward   October 12, 2021  

    Without the ability to execute strategies that are both flexible and simple, marketers are missing out on an opportunity to learn about and engage their customers in the real world — to be where audiences actually are and optimize across platforms, or even to understand which digital campaigns are successfully driving offline sales.