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  • The New Crisis of Trust In CTV

    Forward   April 15, 2021  

    Amid the rapid growth of connected TV (CTV), marketers are already seeing evidence of fraudsters moving in fast to take advantage of the medium. Ensuring an appropriate industry response and establishing a dialogue regarding fraud in CTV is vital for publishers, tech companies, and advertisers. After all, CTV’s share of media consumption is only going to grow.

  • How to Incorporate Safety Mitigation into Events

    Forward   February 11, 2021  

    It’s imperative that event professionals innovate how they approach event planning and proactively open the lines of communication with exhibitors and attendees, creating a transparent workflow so safety mitigation needs are met with confidence.

  • Transacting TV in 2021 and Beyond

    Forward   February 4, 2021  

    Technology and data are accelerating TV’s digitalization, transforming it from a monolithic channel to a multifaceted, dynamic medium. With that evolution comes more sophisticated transaction practices, and conflicting priorities for buyers and sellers.

  • The Opportunity for Influencer Marketing within Retail Media Networks

    Forward   January 28, 2021  

    User-generated content can grab consumers’ attention and orient their path through a highly fragmented online journey.

  • URL to IRL (In Real Life)

    Forward   December 29, 2020  

    Attribution models are often used to gauge the potency of digital marketing campaigns and refine channel strategies, but these don’t always take customers’ real-world actions and behaviors into account. Without a view into customers’ offline activities, it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s working and what’s not. However, there are several ways to accurately measure what happens offline.

  • Diversifying with Direct Mail

    Forward   December 17, 2020  

    While some channels perform well across the customer journey, others see drop-offs at various stages. Putting more resources into the same channel probably won’t improve results. Instead, marketers should rely on direct mail to support other channels when they need a boost.

  • How Pfizer Is Managing Its Global Agency Roster

    Forward   December 15, 2020  

    While institutional knowledge is an important element to understanding the agency landscape, that knowledge doesn’t always get into the right hands at the time when sourcing decisions are being made — but what if it could? Here’s how Pfizer’s procurement team is creating a central repository of global agency information for its teammates around the world.

  • Radio Plays a Key Role in Amplifying Brand Purpose

    Forward   December 1, 2020  

    As the pandemic prolongs and states impose their own unique set of social distancing guidelines, major brands and organizations are tapping into radio partnerships at the local level to boost their visibility and drive consumer engagement.

  • The Case for Combining Direct Mail and Influencer Marketing

    Forward   November 26, 2020  

    Influencer marketing has redefined the way companies drive awareness of their business. Leveraging brand messaging, endorsements, or product placements from industry icons in direct mail campaigns can help companies further capture consumer attention when and where it matters. Here’s how brands can leverage today’s top direct mail innovations and tactics to help make the most of their influencer marketing efforts.

  • The Back Office Plays a Key Role in Producing Branded Content

    Forward   November 24, 2020  

    The production back office is a hive of activity before, during, and after the cameras roll. Teams manage a multitude of essential functions, including onboarding talent and crew, tracking the post-production process, and managing the hand-off to campaign activators.

  • In-house vs. Outsourced Marketing

    Forward   November 19, 2020  

    Choosing between in-house and outsourced marketing is an age-old debate, and there has been a lot of industry discussion over the past year about brands opting to bring their outsourced agency work in-house. The idea is that brands can cut costs, increase focus on their business, and improve speed to market. However, there are pros and cons to making this change.

  • Redefining Identity for the New Television Landscape

    Forward   November 12, 2020  

    With streaming at an all-time high, having a CTV-focused media strategy is now table stakes for advertisers. But it’s not smooth sailing just yet. At the same time as marketers shift ad dollars to streaming TV, they’re waking up to a world with holes in identity resolution, which makes it difficult to accurately engage and report on the new CTV audience.

  • Monetizing the New Path to Purchase

    Forward   November 10, 2020  

    One of the most pronounced effects of the pandemic has been the change in how people shop at brick-and-mortar stores: They have become more deliberate in their behavior, focused on keeping within budgets, making fewer visits, and getting in and out as fast as possible.

  • More Competition, Fewer Ads

    Forward   November 5, 2020  

    TV is undergoing a generational shift from linear to a fragmented landscape of digital, over-the-top (OTT), and connected TV (CTV). Now it falls on whether walled gardens or advertisers dictate the terms of this massive transition.

  • It’s a Loungewear World Now

    Forward   November 3, 2020  

    With large swaths of the workforce at home or staying home more to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people are spending a lot more time in leisurewear, research has found. For marketers, the change in wardrobe has some interesting implications that affect inventory, marketing, and messaging. This article dives deep into not only demographics but other nuanced cross-comparisons brands and buyers should know.

  • The Future of Identity Is Being Decided Today

    Forward   October 27, 2020  

    The pending changes in the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) are setting off alarms for marketers. To succeed, a true industry solution must work cross-device and cross-screen; allow advertisers to reach their critical audiences; be completely measurable, neutral, and interoperable; and, most importantly, put consumer privacy first. A number of contenders exist, but only one truly fits the bill. Here’s how these identity solutions currently stack up.

  • How to Face the Changed Landscape of Linear and Connected TV

    Forward   October 22, 2020  

    In years past, content meant a few highly rated prime programs and sports. Today, it’s thousands of titles available across multiple platforms, so each consumer can seek what they love. So far, it does not look like there will be a winner in the ad-supported streamlining platforms; instead, those that generate great content will get time from consumers. As the TV landscape continues to shift, marketers will need to change in kind; here’s what they can do to adapt.

  • Why COVID-19 Is Driving a Marketing Revolution

    Forward   October 15, 2020  

    While consumers are ready for a renewed sense of normalcy, the shift to digital remains. Marketing teams need an integrated, customer-first strategy that aligns with short- and long-term digital behaviors. The strategy should combine digital and traditional tactics, leverage data to personalize campaigns and maximize reach, and be flexible enough to adapt and scale over time.

  • Catering to a New Breed of Shopper

    Forward   October 13, 2020  

    The pandemic has raised the stakes and allure of click-and-collect. That’s because it’s a form of commerce offering more than just a convenience for routine weekly grocery shopping, but also a way to avoid stores altogether.

  • Three Ways to Put Data to Work in TV

    Forward   October 1, 2020  

    While many marketers currently find themselves in unexpected and challenging situations, they could benefit from using this moment as an opportunity to prepare for what’s next. Doing so will require data and the right technology to wield it. So what should brands do to harness the full effect of data in 2020 and beyond? Here are three ways marketers can put data to work.


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