From our partners in the ANA Thought Leadership Program: Insights and intelligence that drive brands forward.

  • Decoding CTV Measurement

    Forward   August 3, 2021  

    It’s no secret that 2020’s lockdowns ushered in a boom of home streaming, and CTV was no small part of it. To shed light on the shift to CTV, Innovid partnered with the ANA for a first-of-its-kind study to give marketers the answers and tools they need to decode CTV measurement.

  • Why CMOs Are Going All-In on Marketing Operations

    Forward   July 27, 2021  

    As complex market conditions and sudden disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on marketers to respond to new realities at a moment’s notice, it’s putting marketing operations at the forefront as the key to agility, collaboration, and customer focus.

  • How Marketers Sharpen Their Personalization Playbook

    Forward   July 20, 2021  

    Adding personalization to marketing and advertising programs seems pretty straightforward (at least on paper). However, to generate the most value out of personalization, brands need to establish a framework that empowers teams across the enterprise, while maintaining governance regarding the company’s business processes.

  • Why Video Out-of-Home Can’t Be Overlooked

    Forward   July 8, 2021  

    With the average person served thousands of ads per day, advertisers need frequency alongside a medium that is effective in reaching their audiences to make a lasting impression. Here are four reasons it’s time for advertisers to embrace video out-of-home advertising (VOOH) as part of the larger marketing mix.

  • Omnichannel Advertising in a Streaming-Centric World

    Forward   June 29, 2021  

    Like the shift from landlines to mobile devices, society is likely to continue its preference for CTV and digital video over linear TV. For marketers, this requires a shift in media strategy. Though marketers have been operating in an omnichannel world for a while, they must now confront the complexity of a fragmented digital environment and refocus their omnichannel advertising strategies with CTV rather than linear TV at the center.

  • The Addressability and Identity Renaissance

    Forward   June 24, 2021  

    Third-party data used to be “good enough” — it was relatively inexpensive, easily accessible, and didn’t require much of an acquisition strategy. Now, to provide the experiences consumers expect, marketers must better understand who buyers are and how they can be served beyond demographics. It requires a multidimensional data strategy.

  • Radio Dials Up the Audio Experience Post-Pandemic

    Forward   June 17, 2021  

    As COVID restrictions began lifting late last year and consumers started to circulate again, radio harnessed what makes it such a special medium for consumers, with a renewed focus on creating immersive experiences built on trust.

  • Technology Unleashes Creativity for Brands

    Forward   June 15, 2021  

    For technology to add real value for creative teams, it must meet the growing complexity of building, managing, and distributing marketing assets. It also needs to improve the entire creative flow — not just introduce more tools, additional processes, and unwelcome tasks.

  • Advertisers Must Get on the Right Side of Privacy

    Forward   June 10, 2021  

    Brands and organizations already know that walled gardens have exploited and distorted privacy for their own ends. On the open web, the choice is up to marketers whether they’ll do the same. Cutting corners and seeking loopholes around privacy principles will only further undermine consumer trust.

  • How to Prepare for the Changing Nature of Data

    Forward   June 8, 2021  

    Amid seismic shifts in the digital landscape, one question consistently arises: What can brands and advertisers do to adapt? One major part of the answer is first-party data, which is expected to play an outsized role as cookies fade, privacy rules ramp up, and consumers continue to demand more privacy and better customer experiences. Strong first-party data strategies look different for each organization, but here are seven tips every marketer should consider.

  • Brands Commit to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Forward   June 3, 2021  

    While raising awareness about diversity has been a long-standing effort among many brands and organizations, more advanced companies are embracing what is now a global social movement to make substantive and sustainable changes in the marketing field with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

  • Shifting the Conversation from Advertising to Marketing

    Forward   May 13, 2021  

    To be sure, technology and online regulation are top of mind for brands and organizations. But they shouldn’t overshadow the needs of people. That means marketers must get to know their audiences — and not just on an insert-first-name-here basis, but in ways that will legitimately help to inform how brands create memorable customer experiences.

  • Driving Growth By Evolving the Customer Experience

    Forward   May 11, 2021  

    If brands want to ignite growth in a post-pandemic environment, they must reimagine the way they deliver experiences — and that means weaving experience through every part of their organization.

  • Will This Decade Be the New Roaring ’20s?

    Forward   May 6, 2021  

    The 1920s became known as the Roaring ’20s. And if 2020 was a taste of things to come, the current decade seems likely to be at least as fraught as its centennial predecessor. How should advertisers and marketers prepare, act, and react?

  • Navigating Narratives

    Forward   April 22, 2021  

    Brands willing to stand behind a cause that jives with people’s own beliefs will earn their loyalty and support, but it’s impossible to align with everyone all the time. When a person or company aligns with a certain cause, they risk alienating people on the other side. Organizations have to figure out how to handle polarizing narratives and which side of an issue, if any, they choose to support.

  • The New Crisis of Trust In CTV

    Forward   April 15, 2021  

    Amid the rapid growth of connected TV (CTV), marketers are already seeing evidence of fraudsters moving in fast to take advantage of the medium. Ensuring an appropriate industry response and establishing a dialogue regarding fraud in CTV is vital for publishers, tech companies, and advertisers. After all, CTV’s share of media consumption is only going to grow.

  • How to Incorporate Safety Mitigation into Events

    Forward   February 11, 2021  

    It’s imperative that event professionals innovate how they approach event planning and proactively open the lines of communication with exhibitors and attendees, creating a transparent workflow so safety mitigation needs are met with confidence.

  • Transacting TV in 2021 and Beyond

    Forward   February 4, 2021  

    Technology and data are accelerating TV’s digitalization, transforming it from a monolithic channel to a multifaceted, dynamic medium. With that evolution comes more sophisticated transaction practices, and conflicting priorities for buyers and sellers.

  • The Opportunity for Influencer Marketing within Retail Media Networks

    Forward   January 28, 2021  

    User-generated content can grab consumers’ attention and orient their path through a highly fragmented online journey.

  • URL to IRL (In Real Life)

    Forward   December 29, 2020  

    Attribution models are often used to gauge the potency of digital marketing campaigns and refine channel strategies, but these don’t always take customers’ real-world actions and behaviors into account. Without a view into customers’ offline activities, it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s working and what’s not. However, there are several ways to accurately measure what happens offline.