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Why Meaning Matters


More than 70 percent of the meanings behind words, ideas, and concepts in culture are implied. Decoding those meanings through technology can not only help brands better understand what people are talking about but add value to their products and services and create a feeling of authenticity and purpose.

Indeed, in a world fraught with constant change, context is everything. Just ask Ujwal Arkalgud, CEO and cultural anthropologist at the research firm MotivBase. He studies the language of meaning through AI and big data and uses that knowledge to help companies make better choices, invest in the right technologies, find opportunities for growth, and drive social change.

In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Ujwal joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss the critical nature of his work, why brands should understand the language they use in storytelling, the role meaning plays in driving brand purpose, two trends we should keep an eye on, and more.

The Beyond Profit Podcast airs Tuesdays at 10AM EST. For more information about the ANA Podcast Network, visit www.ana.net/podcasts.

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