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  • Congratulations to the 2021 EEC Program Award Winners

    Blogs   April 30, 2021  

    We are excited to announce the winners of the 2021 ANA Email Experience Council’s Email Program Awards. This set of awards seeks to promote excellence in email marketing by showcasing the impact that email is having in the marketplace and within organizations.

  • Marketing Triumph in The Age of Agility

    Blogs   April 29, 2021  

    Agility means to move quickly and easily. It’s the “and easily” part that the industry must confront. The keys to creative and media success today bear no resemblance to the past. But the “messy middle” of execution is stuck in it and holding brands back.

  • 9 Ways to Advertise Your In-House Team’s Caliber

    Blogs   April 28, 2021  

    In-house agencies and marketing teams have always been at the heart of their brand. The importance of in-house marketing teams through the past year has only been accelerated due to increased reliance on them to deliver business results.

  • Are You and Your Team Getting the Most from Remote Learning?

    Blogs   April 26, 2021  

    During 2020, across his NYU and ANA work, Simon Bradley ran about 100 online learning experiences. Here are his tips on how you and your team can get the most from coming together for your development remotely in the post-COVID world.

  • Beyond Profit Podcast: Vincent Stanley on Patagonia's Path Forward

    Blogs   April 26, 2021  

    In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Patagonia's director of philosophy, Vincent Stanley, discusses his brand's purpose statement: "We're in the business to save our home planet." He explains what that purpose means for a company in business to sell clothes, how the brand redefines responsible business in a time of ongoing social and ecological crisis, and the next steps in Patagonia's journey to make a difference.

  • What Makes TikTok Tick With Gen Z?

    Blogs   April 22, 2021  

    Today’s youth have grown up during the digital age. This experience has created new expectations for entertainment and content, which are having a profound impact on how brands effectively engage with Gen Z. No place is this trend more apparent than with TikTok.

  • Nostalgia Act

    Blogs   April 21, 2021  

    With the present situation regarding the virus uncertain, at best, we’re predisposed to advertising content that revels in the past (and even if it’s the not-too-distant past).

  • Building on Affinity: Geofencing and Demographics

    Blogs   April 20, 2021  

    Affinity means different things to different brands, but, at heart, it’s about understanding your target audience. When you profile an audience well enough to understand the other brands they like to shop at and the places they like to go, then you can combine that knowledge with your demographic profile and geofencing to put mobile ads on exactly the right devices.

  • Risks Related to Ad Agency Staff Reductions

    Blogs   April 13, 2021  

    Advertisers cut budgets; ad agencies reduce headcount. No one can fault an ad agency for making prudent fiscal decisions when revenues decrease, but advertisers need to take precautions in this situation to mitigate their risks, particularly when there are significant downsizings as there were in 2020.

  • Motivating Listeners to Act in 2021

    Blogs   April 7, 2021  

    Radio, across all of its digital platforms, has and continues to experience exponential growth, earning significant share of media consumption throughout 2020 and the post-pandemic.

  • Beyond Profit Podcast: A Discussion with Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar

    Blogs   April 5, 2021  

    In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Raja Rajamannar, CMO at Mastercard, joins host Ken Beaulieu to discuss his brand's focus on purpose, the key takeaways from his book, "Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow's Consumers," and the lessons he's learned as a giant of the marketing industry.

  • Digital Advertising Needs More Humans and Less Tech

    Blogs   April 1, 2021  

    Digital advertising is enthusiastic about technology, and for good reason. Automation and optimization are useful, but one wonders: have we erred on the side of eliminating the human factor when designing and executing advertising initiatives?

  • Start Selling to Fully-Formed Adults — Stop Trying to “Be Like the Cool Kids”

    Blogs   March 30, 2021  

    The most compelling case for putting age and sex demographics happily in our rearview mirror is the lukewarm sales and profit results from hundreds of U.S. marketers over the last ten years that fully flung their brands at any and every consumer under 36 years of age — you know, the "cool kids."

  • Attention, Oral Health Advertisers: TikTok Has Brand Safety Issues

    Blogs   March 24, 2021  

    Oral health brands should be wary of brand safety issues on TikTok spurred on by strange and dangerous trends, such as teens filing their own teeth and gluing on fake vampire fangs. Dr. Kami Hoss, founder and CEO of The Super Dentists, explains her concerns.

  • Driving Digital Commerce with TV: Sports Betting and Online Shopping

    Blogs   March 23, 2021  

    While linear TV remains the most valued video platform by advertisers because of its brand-safe premium content, TV ads should also get credit for driving digital commerce, including online search and purchases. TV may not be as trendy as digital, but the fact remains that it really works — and can work hard for marketers.

  • A Tangled Web

    Blogs   March 22, 2021  

    This year already has been an ominous one on the tax front for advertisers. Digital advertising taxes have proliferated. At least eight states are presently considering adopting a digital or general ad tax law.

  • Unwinding the Creative/Media Agency Split

    Blogs   March 18, 2021  

    Creative and media silos have not fared well in our digital age. Creative remains divorced from media in most companies, leaving the performance marketing team with limited access to the infinite number of versions of each ad that they need to make their media plans work.

  • Demystifying Brand Purpose

    Blogs   March 17, 2021  

    The notion of “brand purpose” was creeping toward the top of the marketing agenda well before the pandemic upended the business world. But amid multiple crises wrought by the deadly virus, brand purpose has taken on a sense of urgency, with few CMOs immune from tackling the issue — and helping to define it.

  • Celebrities And Other Brands Lean Into Digital Intimacy

    Blogs   March 16, 2021  

    The pandemic has accelerated the practice of one-to-one digital relationships for all kinds of brands. The upshot: digital intimacy has become part of everyone’s professional and personal lives.

  • Beyond Profit Podcast: Elevating a Community of Underdogs

    Blogs   March 15, 2021  

    In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, Lain Shakespeare, senior head of corporate citizenship at Mailchimp, and Kwame Taylor-Hayford, cofounder of Kin, join host Ken Beaulieu to discuss the thought process behind Big Change Starts Small and the rise of corporate citizenship.