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Industry Perspectives on the Transition to a Multi-currency TV Market


The TV market is rapidly changing due to a number of factors which are too numerous to catalog — spanning from changing consumer preferences to new data sets, distribution channels, monetization approaches, and advertising models. TV measurement and currency have also evolved, but at a slower pace, resulting in an incomplete picture of even basic unduplicated delivery, reach, and frequency of ad campaigns. The pandemic and "streaming wars" altered the landscape and hastened change, and the industry is in a moment of transition where the future of TV currency is yet to be determined.

The multi-currency transition is not being driven by one organization, one company, or a single initiative. In this study we provide a comprehensive overview of the experiences and perspectives of those engaged in and driving the transition across the national TV marketplace. We adopted an exploratory approach and industry level perspective, which helped us to understand the dynamics and the relationships between constituencies, the processes that connect them, and the collective and collaborative actions needed to go forward.

This study uniquely contributes to the ongoing multi-currency conversations in the following ways:

  • We created an overview of the phases of the multi-currency transition based on the perspectives of the industry constituencies.
  • Our exploratory approach uncovered unique voices that have varying perspectives on the benefits and challenges, and thus the perceived value of the transition for different constituencies.
  • We identified engagement levels for different constituencies as a function of their resource allocation and incentive to change.
  • We hypothesized future state scenarios based on the perspectives and predictions of different stakeholders.
  • We identified four governance processes across a decentralization and centralization continuum, ranging from zero-sum competition to consensus, providing a framework for action to address industry level challenges.

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