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Agile Marketing Mastery Program

The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center’s Mastery Programs advance your marketing team’s capabilities in key disciplines by strategically addressing talent needs, sharpening existing skills, and putting new ideas to work immediately.

Our Mastery Programs are designed to be flexible and fit your schedule and budget. These programs can be delivered over two full days or as a series of independent half-day workshops.

Learn best practices to ensure successful integration of agile marketing at your organization. The ANA Agile Marketing Mastery Program will provide your team with the skills needed to maximize planning efficiency and creative iteration, giving your marketing a competitive edge. It is an intensive training experience that will equip your team with the strategies, skill sets, and tools needed to amplify your marketing performance – without needing to overhaul your team or creative assets.

Introduction to Agile (In Person) (Virtual) 

  • Learn agile processes, roles, and tools
  • Understand how Agile differs from your current Marketing process
  • Putting together an effective Agile team

Sprint Planning & Project Estimating (Virtual)

  • Get a closer look at the players involved and their responsibilities within the Agile method
  • Deep dive into the Sprint Planning and Project Estimating process
  • Select a campaign specific to your brand and apply concepts broadly

Executing an Agile Campaign (Virtual)

  • Master Agile team communication pre-, during-, and post-sprint, ensuring maximum efficiency for Agile implementation
  • Learn the must-haves before launching your first sprint, scheduling delivery team members for single or multiple sprints, and the tools and technologies needed to help teams execute successfully
  • Walk through entire agile process for your own campaign
  • After taking this workshop, your team will be ready to implement an Agile campaign with success

Successful Agile Integration and Transformation Within Your Organization (Virtual)

  • Learn best practices for introducing and integrating Agile within an organization
  • Know who the key stakeholders are at any organization that need to be included in the Agile process to ensure successful integration
  • Understand how to effectively communicate Agile Marketing’s value to those stakeholders
  • Craft pitches that earn the confidence of leadership and key business partners


 Download the full agenda here


  • Cord Silverstein

    Cord Silverstein is an award-winning marketer, leader, coach and speaker with over 20 years of proven marketing expertise. He has worked on both sides of the aisle leading the marketing strategy and execution for Fortune 500 brands on the agency and client side.