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Thank you to everyone who attended the 2021 ANA Email Evolution Conference!

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The 2021 ANA Email Evolution Conference In Two Minutes

Relive the best of this year's conference in this brief overview.

Highlighted speakers include:

  • Marcel Becker, Senior Director, Product Management, Verizon Media
  • Daryl Butler, Head of Marketing, HP Personal Systems, HP
  • Justine Jordon, Head of Marketing, Wildbit
  • Martina Lipp, CRM and Growth Marketing Consultant and Advisor
  • And more.

About the Conference

May 5-6, 2021 | A Virtual Experience

More than ever before, companies rely on email to communicate their messaging, brand, products, and services. Whether you're direct-to-consumer or B2B, the 2021 ANA Email Evolution Conference had you covered on how to excel in an evolving virtual and new world, including information on the latest techniques, tactics and strategies on copy and design, deliverability, AI and machine learning, as well as balancing personalization and permissioning with privacy regulation.

The most influential thought leaders and innovative brands offered in-depth looks at the critical issues, how to meet them head-on, and how to excel in a complex digital marketplace to keep you on the cutting-edge of email marketing and ensure the vitality of a channel you've come to rely on to deliver the greatest ROI.

Relive the conversation at #ANAeec

More Information From the EEC Conference Co-Chairs

    “The content was great! There were several sessions that gave me insights and actionable steps that I could take back to my organization. I'm focused on creating content for emails and this conference gave me many ideas on how we can amp up our email content."

    - 2020 ANA Email Evolution Conference attendee

    Hosts and Speakers


    Karen Talavera
    Founder & Principal
    Synchronicity Marketing

    Matthew Vernhout
    VP, Deliverability North America
    Netcore Cloud

    Arne Allisat

    Head of Product Mail Platform

    1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE - GMX / WEB.DE / mail.com

    Jaren Angerbauer

    Manager, Postmaster & Deliverability


    Marcel Becker

    Senior Director, Product Management


    Senny Boone

    SVP, Center for Ethical Marketing


    Daryl Butler

    Head of Marketing HP Personal Systems

    HP, Inc.

    Jose Cebrian

    EVP, Vertical Lead


    Corrina Cohen

    Business Engagement Manager - Marketing Automation

    NBC Sports

    Scott Cohen

    Director, CRM Lead Conversion


    Will Devlin

    Vice President, Marketing


    Raymond Dijkxhoorn

    Chief Executive Officer


    Claire Feeney

    Product Marketing Manager

    OneTrust PreferenceChoice

    Tom Griffin

    Senior Manager, Email, SMS & Push

    Office Depot

    Brad Gurley

    Director, Deliverability


    Guilda Hilaire

    Director, Product Marketing


    Lakesha Holloway

    Senior CRM & Personalization Strategist

    Atrium Health

    Jeanne Jennings

    CEO & Founder

    Email Optimization Shop

    Natalie Johnson

    Vice President of Customer Success


    Justine Jordan

    Head of Marketing


    Donnell Lankford

    Digital Marketing & Email Manager

    Positive Promotions

    Todd Leiser

    Global Head, CRM, Analytics and Marketing Tech

    Spartan Race, Inc.

    Alison Lindland

    Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

    Movable Ink

    Bob Liodice

    Chief Executive Officer


    Martina Lipp

    CRM and Growth Marketing Consultant and Advisor

    Chris Marriott

    President & Founder

    Email Connect

    Lauren Meyer



    Mark Morin


    Stratégies Marketing Relationnel

    April Mullen

    Senior Director of Brand and Content Marketing


    Shani Nestingen

    Lead Product Designer

    Developer (Email)

    Jakub Olexa

    Founder & CEO


    Kath Pay


    Holistic Email Marketing

    Ryan Phelan


    RPE Origin

    Pavel Pola

    Targeted E-mailing Enthusiast & CEO

    Etnetera Activate

    Lisa Brown Shosteck

    Consulting Director, ANA Center for Ethical Marketing & ANA DPF Dispute Resolution

    Paul Shriner

    Chief Evangelist, Co-Founder


    Veronika Šklíbová

    Head, CRM & Emailing


    Matthew Stith

    Industry Liaison

    Spamhaus Technology Ltd

    Karen Talavera

    Founder & Principal

    Synchronicity Marketing

    Tim Thies

    Senior Business Development Manager


    Jenna Tiffany

    Founder & Strategy Director

    Let'sTalk Strategy

    Anne Tomlin


    Responsive Email Developer

    Udeme Ukutt

    Postmaster & Senior Systems Software Engineer


    Matthew Vernhout

    VP, Deliverability North America

    Netcore Cloud

    Chad White

    Head of Research

    Oracle Marketing Consulting

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    About  |  Agenda  |  Speakers  |  Resources  |  Sponsors

    “Lots of great insights and takeaways to implement in our own companies. I learned a lot and will use this information frequently in my day-to-day."

    - 2020 ANA Email Evolution Conference attendee