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ANA Brand Activation Relationship Marketing @ Nordstrom (Members Only Conference)

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Relationship marketing is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement. It is designed to develop strong connections with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication. There are many paths to building strong relationships with consumers to drive acquisition, cross-sell, and upsell. This ANA Members Only Conference, hosted by Nordstrom, will explore the possibilities and provide insight from both large and small brand perspectives.


Friday, November 2, 2018
- 9:00am

- 10:40am
General Session


Relationship Building with Nordstrom

Dave Sims will discuss Nordstrom’s strategy for building customer relationships with its catalog, email, and direct mail marketing. He will also talk about the new Nordy Club loyalty program.

Dave Sims
Vice President of Marketing, Analog & Retention Overhead Nordstrom
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Sparking Multi-Way Consumer Relationships with Personalization and Branded Communities

There’s no doubt that CRMs, loyalty programs and third-party social media are a critical part of a marketer’s brand strategy. However, for many brands, these have become nothing more than a one-way push to the consumer, with no feedback or conversation in return. These conversations also lack personalized engagement, which ultimately drives lasting loyalty. In a crowded loyalty space, marketers must rethink consumer relationships and how to turn them into meaningful, two-way communication with each individual. Discover how brand marketers at naturally friendly toothpaste brand hello created their branded community hello friends – a home for vocal brand advocates that provides education and prompts action. In this impressive case study, we’ll share how to listen to your consumers to deliver targeted, personalized experiences and drive brand loyalty.

Lauri Kien Kotcher
CEO Hello Products
Susan Frech
CEO Social Media Link
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10:40am Networking Break

Maximizing Customer Relationships

The real estate sales process has been disrupted by technology that has changed the industry forever. Understanding local markets and building relationships with players in the sales ecosystem is critical to market success.  Find out how Zillow builds relationships with local real estate professionals nationwide to maximize revenue.

Keri McGhee
Senior Director, Marketing Zillow
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Building Lifelong Loyalty

Creating loyalty with consumers is about more than rewarding purchase behaviors. It includes creating deeper engagements and building relationships by giving consumers an opportunity to interact with your brand in meaningful ways that drive brand authenticity. Of course, giving rewards that are meaningful and relevant are equally important. This session will share actionable insights and data about various customer loyalty programs you can use in your business today.

Robyn Ashton
VP, Operations Snipp
12:40pm Luncheon


PANEL: The Role of Brand Authenticity in Establishing and Deepening Customer Relationships.

Consumers rate brand authenticity very highly. It turns out that what consumers most want from brands is honest communication about products and services. According to the Cohn and Wolfe study, 89 percent of customers expect companies to act with integrity at all times — a factor rated more highly as a purchasing factor than even product quality and innovation. For many companies the question is, how do we actually go about doing it? In this panel, we’ll explore what brands of all sizes have done create authenticity with customers and what more can done.

Richard Feldman
Director, Brand Activation ANA
Jessica Tsai Chin
Brand Lead Apple
Shelley Williams
Director, Brand Marketing Rover
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