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ANA Ethics Code Virtual Town Hall: Join Us!

This event is over.

We are excited to unveil the new Draft edition of the ANA Marketing Code of Ethics. Please share with your colleagues and join us as we walk you through the new Ethics Code. We will be providing a high-level overview of the core elements of the Code:

    • Member Principles
    • Advertising Offers
    • Audiences (Children, Older Adults, Disabled)
    • Diversity and Inclusive Marketing (DEIB)
    • Data Privacy, Security and Stewardship
    • Regulated Products (Tobacco, Alcohol…)
    • Digital Innovation (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning…)


The ANA Ethical Code of Best Practices is a framework of high-level principles, guidelines, resources and examples of ethical marketing and advertising best practices applicable to all entities engaged in marketing and advertising. The ANA Ethics Code Steering Committee helped shape the Code and focused on the above six core sections. The Code is designed to steer the industry towards ethical business conduct with the overarching goal of building and maintaining consumer trust.

Our vision is to advance an accountable and ethical marketing ecosystem for brand growth through a central Code of Ethics, alongside complementary efforts that help implement the spirit of that code, managed by the Center for Ethical Marketing and ANA’s leadership as a force for responsible growth. The Code is voluntary and matched with a foundational self-regulatory program to help educate companies on implementing acceptable industry standard practices.These efforts stave off regulation at the state and federal levels. It serves as the baseline of best practices for our industry through ethical accountability and elevates ANA and its members as leaders in this area.

Member Feedback Requested:

We cannot do this without you, and we value your insight and input. We will be seeking ANA member review and feedback before releasing it to the public. We will be providing ANA members with an open comment period to review and submit feedback. Deadline to submit comments on the new Ethics Code will be April 26.

This is a living, changing document, and we will consider your comments for inclusion in this version or in future versions. The Code cannot and does not cover every nuanced topic. It provides broad guidance on issue areas identified as timely and relevant that will continue to be reviewed to reflect changes in the legislative, regulatory, technological, and business landscape.



Start: Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 3:00pm

End: Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 4:00pm