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Virtual Diversity Fair: Minority-Owned Production Companies (Open to All: Including Non-Members)

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The imperative to diversify the marketing supply chain comes with the challenge of identifying appropriate resources, including media outlets, agency partners, and other marketing services providers. In an effort to meet that need, the ANA has curated a list of certified diverse suppliers; additions to this list are being made regularly and we always welcome your suggestions. To extend the value and reach of the list, the ANA has a series of Virtual Supplier Diversity Fairs.
October's Virtual Supplier Diversity Fair will highlight Minority-Owned Production companies. Representatives will share an overview of their company and the ways they can help grow your brand and drive business results. This event is complimentary and open to all including nonmembers.


Tuesday, October 3, 2023
- 11:11am


- 1:51pm


***Participating companies will present in this order and will have 10 minutes each**


1-Aardvark Video & Media Productions, LLC 11:11 am-11:21 am (ET)
2- Cosmo Street Editorial 11:21 am-11:31 am
3- D. Luminous Productions 11:31 am-11:41 am
4- Free Lion Productions 11:41 am-11:51 am
5-Mass Media Films 11:51 am-12:01 pm
6-MOJO PSG 12:01 pm-12:11 pm
7- Quriosity Productions 12:11 pm-12:21 pm
8- TBD Post 12:21 pm-12:31 pm
9- TERRITORY 12:31 pm-12:41 pm
10-TrendyMinds 12:41 pm-12:51 pm
11-Trulove Post 12:51 pm-1:01 pm
12-SANCHEZ MEDIA 1:01 pm-1:11 pm
13- Sarofsky 1:11 pm-1:21 pm
14- Duck Punk Productions, Inc.  1:21 pm-1:31 pm
15- The Cortez Brothers, Inc. 1:41 pm-1:51 pm

View Video and Presentations
- 2:00pm


Cancellation Policy and Notes

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