Media and Supply Chain

The marketing supply chain is fraught with waste, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness, and it’s become more imperative than ever that marketers reduce complexity and streamline consumer pathways.

The ANA is aggressively pursuing a wide spectrum of approaches to help marketers restore common-sense management to this unruly business system and create a supply chain that is fraud-free and 100 percent viewable.

The Challenge

The exponential growth of digital media has led to massive media waste and a lack of transparency. With ad blocking accelerating, privacy breaches and consumer data misuse persisting, and the majority of consumers saying ads are annoying, eliminating non-transparent buying practices and confronting digital ad fraud must be prioritized.

The ANA’s Response

Through our Media Leadership Committee, senior-level marketers leading integrated media strategy within their organizations actively discuss and lead initiatives and research into hot-button topics like emerging media opportunities, media transparency, compensation practices, and fraud in digital advertising.

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