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Improving Sponsorship Accountability Metrics


The ANA and MASB (Marketing Accountability Standards Board) have partnered on a project to provide greater insight and guidance into sponsorship measurement. As an important first step, a survey was fielded to ANA members to better understand current practices in sponsorship measurement.

Marketing expenditures on sponsorship have increased considerably over the past several years, but progress in measuring and assessing sponsorship's business impact has been marginal, according to the study.

Only 37 percent of respondents have a standardized process for measuring return on sponsorship — this is a "foundational finding" of the research. Among those with a measurement process, 57 percent of respondents have a sponsorship measurement budget, and among those, most spend only five percent or less on sponsorship measurement as a percentage of sponsorship rights (i.e., the cost of the sponsorship itself, not including activation costs).

It is now time for the industry to take a stand on sponsorship accountability. This report is a first step for the ANA and the MASB to better assess sponsorship measurement and provide new solutions.

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