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Aligning the Customer Journey to Goals: Lead Gen Versus Retention

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Any good customer journey that you develop should be guided by the specific goal you have in mind — a goal more precise than a nebulous desire for "growth."

For instance, a customer journey focused on lead generation will have its own unique contours, with a strategy that might leverage the following tactics:

  • Online forms: Gather useful data on leads by capturing email, location, and interests.
  • Email: Encourage brand interaction and stay top of mind with informative emails that drive to your site.
  • Direct mail: Provide targeted, interactive mail-pieces that drive leads to your site.
  • Video tutorial: Showcase the usefulness of your offering compared to competitors to help your brand stand out.
  • Brochure: Provide useful product specs that drive prospective leads to your site.
  • Phone call: Glean new information/insights to better inform your leads.
  • Display ads: Use third-party data about customers to target them precisely and effectively.
  • Search: Leverage paid search promotions to help increase awareness of the launch of a new product or service.
  • Social: Solidify your leads with enticing social ads that cater to their current need.

A customer journey focused on retention will look very different, with a strategy that might leverage these tactics:

  • Email: Provide loyal customers with new offers/deals before anyone else.
  • Direct mail: Send loyal customers exclusive offers that acknowledge their commitment to your brand.
  • Exclusive events: Invite loyalists to exclusive experiences first in order to foster true brand ambassadorship.
  • Website content: Encourage new and existing customers to become brand loyalists through exclusive deals and insider news.
  • Chatbot: Offer expert support for any questions or problems and troubleshoot issues customers might have.

The foregoing represents just a morsel from the banquet of insights and best practices available in ANA's Affiliate Training Program, The USPS Advanced Marketing Certificate Program.



"The USPS Advanced Marketing Certificate." USPS On-Demand Training Course.

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