Get Certified: Policy, Process, and Next Steps for Certifying Addressable Media Identifiers

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The next step in the evolution of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) principles for safer and more effective digital advertising has arrived. In 2022, the DAA released a new privacy framework for Addressable Media Identifiers (AMIs), which pertained to technologies like tokens, cookies, and other emerging developments expected to drive advertising in the future. At the 2022 ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference, representatives from the DAA and other experts shared more about the certification process for AMIs and the next steps for building consumer trust while safeguarding the core functionality of the advertising ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

In 2020, the DAA began leading a coalition of more than 400 companies to develop best practices and technical, privacy, and legal standards for brands using addressable media. The resulting framework includes permitted and prohibited uses, business consent control standards, data sourcing guidance, sensitive data identifiers, and service standards. All of this work has been done with the goal of developing a robust marketplace of certified AMIs.

On the brand side, the DAA recommends that marketers begin applying the same DAA principles they use for other types of media to addressable media. Additionally, these standards should be included in all RFPs, proposals, and contracts with third parties going forward.

Action Steps

To ensure full compliance with the DAA's addressable media framework, the panel recommended several key action steps, including:

  • Put the consumer first: The ultimate goal when working to ensure your ads are compliant with the DAA's new addressability privacy framework is to keep the user experience top of mind, even if it means creating a standard that goes above and beyond what is mandated by privacy laws. Your ads should strive to enhance the user experience and avoid overexposure. A single mishap with consumer data can deal a big blow to a brand's reputation, creating a scenario in which the brand spends years trying to regain trust. For this reason, it's important to always err on the side of caution with consumer data.
  • Evaluate the ecosystems: In 2023, the DAA will provide brands with a list of certified ecosystems for responsible addressable media. In the interim, marketers and legal counsel should take the time to drill into the ecosystems where your business or your partners plan to serve ads, ensuring that these are places where you're comfortable having your brand show up from a brand safety standpoint. Look at things like consumer opt-out processes and how data is managed, transferred, and accessed.
  • Push your providers: This effort will be driven by brands. They should be pushing providers and third-party partners to get certified by the DAA and should ensure compliance with DAA addressability principles.

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"Get Certified: Process and Next Steps for Certifying Addressable Media Identifiers." Lou Mastria, executive director at the Digital Advertising Alliance; Joshua Koran, EVP of data and policy at Criteo and representative at Prebid Addressability Framework; Sal Tripi, VP of digital operations and commerce at Publishers Clearing House; Travis Clinger, SVP of activations and addressability at LiveRamp, Inc. 2022 ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference, 11/8/22.

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