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Generative AI in Creative and Content Generation


Generative AI is a transformative new technology that offers brand marketers and their creative and content teams new tools to help ideate, create, accelerate, and automate every point of the campaign development process and content supply chain.

These new Generative AI tools are accelerating and expanding the possibilities of creativity and creative choices, helping with ideation, creation, personalization, production, and optimization.

Now and in the near future, Generative AI tools will be increasingly deployed to help expand and accelerate the development and generation of brand marketing campaigns — from concepts, copy, and image generation to audio, video, and soundscapes — resulting in more personalized content delivered at the speed of culture, commerce, and social conversation.

In the next phase of its development, Generative AI will become more expansive and more integrated into the workplace and enterprise software applications, becoming exponentially smarter and offering exciting new applications for creative and content development in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robotics, and more sensory-oriented experiences and edge computing applications.

The application of Generative AI tools to the process of creative and content generation offers considerable opportunities, but also raises concerns around intellectual property rights, potential copyright infringement, authenticity, privacy, and the safety and security of its outputs.

Brand marketers need to approach these new tools and innovations cautiously, balancing the endless creative possibilities, flexibility, scale, and automation they offer with the potential challenges and clearances they require around rights, responsibilities, and authenticity to be considered “brand-safe.”

The use of Generative AI applications and tools with creative and content are currently regarded as a tremendous enhancement, accelerator, and expansion of capabilities in creative development and the content supply chain.

However, in the next phase of its adoption, many creators fear it poses a potential threat to their ongoing employment and livelihood. They believe the very specific craft skills in art, code, and copy that are now being learned and emulated by Generative AI will ultimately replace them. This sentiment demands that brand marketers carefully balance the efficiency benefits of Generative AI with its true in-market quality and efficacy.

It will be critical for us as an industry to assess and measure both as we look to integrate the possibilities of Generative AI into the creative and content development, production, and optimization process.

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