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These Pizza Ads Are a Study in Success


Musician and spoken-word artist Henry Rollins is said to have once remarked that "pizza makes me think that anything is possible," an observation that captures the intense emotion that the food inspires in so many of us. It's fitting, then, that we should celebrate this remarkable meal-in-a wheel on February 9th, National Pizza Day. In honor of the occasion consider the following marketing efforts undertaken to promote pizza.

Summaries of the case studies and event recaps follow below, with the full descriptions of the campaigns available through the embedded links.

Little Caesars Combats Big Pizza

Little Caesars humorously set up the shortcomings of its competitors by likening them to "Big Pizza," à la Big Tech or Big Pharma.

Little Caesars Creates an Online Scavenger Hunt to Promote Pretzel Crust Pizza

Little Caesars seeded the internet with creative hints about the return of a cult favorite menu item.

Beyond the Algorithm: How Little Caesars Made TikTok Work for Them

Raquel Werner, brand manager, consumer engagement at Little Caesars, and Jessica Kingman, director of strategy, social platforms at McKinney, discussed how they were able to stay true to the Little Caesars' brand DNA and authentically connect with a brand new audience on TikTok.

Domino's Let This Inexperienced Twitch Influencer Create Its Newest Pizza

With the goal of earning greater market share in the Spanish market by connecting with society's most active pizza eaters — young people — Domino's tasked a Twitch influencer who had no culinary background with creating his own "gaming-flavored" pizza. The brand live-streamed the entire process and then sold the resulting recipe in stores.

How a Challenger Pizza Brand Taps Data to Outflank the Competition

California Pizza Kitchen's Scott Hargrove and Acadia's Chad Crowe discussed how the brand is leveraging data to find ways to make a bigger impact.

TikTok Influencers: A Winning Ingredient for DiGiorno

DiGiorno partnered with a diverse team of TikTok influencers, empowering them to create original content related to the brand's new product. The result was a campaign that drove a 13 percent increase in new customer acquisition from the brand's competitors.

Relationships at the Heart of the Marketing Mix: Lessons from Pizza Hut's Influence Strategy

At a November 2022 Influencer Marketing Committee meeting held by the ANA, Pizza Hut and its agency RQ described how they cultivate relationships with and work with three types of influencers: superfans, creators, and celebrities.

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