Think with Google: Three Ways Online Video is Changing What it Means to Be a Sports Fan

No longer is being a sports fan just about the game itself. And no longer is it just about being glued to your TV screen for the game's live start time. There are three behaviors we've been following related to sports content on YouTube. Together, they reveal that sports fans today are taking fandom to a whole new level thanks to online video.

Sports fandom goes way beyond watching the game itself

Whether discovering the funniest sports videos of all time or learning how to play a sport themselves, sports fans seek out more than just the game.

Sports fans increasingly want to get to the good stuff

Watching a whole game can be quite a commitment — especially if people are unable to watch it live in their own time zone. Increasingly, viewers seek out the highlights.

Sports fans want to watch on their own terms

These days, people expect to be able to watch anything, anytime, on any screen — and sports are no exception. Sometimes getting the full experience means using multiple screens simultaneously.


"Three Ways Online Video is Changing What it Means to Be a Sports Fan." Think with Google, January 2018.

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