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Learn the A to Z of Podcasting

In the following video series, a slate of experts walks viewers through the entire process of understanding, producing, and marketing podcasts, covering every aspect of the undertaking, from the gear you’ll need to the use of distribution platforms and, ultimately, to monetization.

  • What Is a Podcast?

    Knowledge Partners   February 5, 2024  

    In this video, Libsyn Podcast Hall of Famer Elsie Escobar helps us define a podcast, explaining how it differs from other media.

  • Podcast Titles and Cover Art Best Practices

    Knowledge Partners   February 3, 2024  

    You’d be surprised at how vital your podcast tile and cover art are to helping potential listeners find and download your podcast. In this video, Libsyn pro podcaster Brian Cottington shares best practices along with design advice from professional graphic designer and podcaster Prescott Perez-Fox.

  • Podcasting Platforms and Media Host Basics

    Knowledge Partners   February 2, 2024  

    Why do you need a podcast platform (media host)? What do they do? Libsyn Podcast Hall of Famer Elsie Escobar explains all the basics of a podcasting platform.

  • Podcasting Gear — Basic and Pro

    Knowledge Partners   February 1, 2024  

    What is essential podcasting equipment? Dave Jackson, Libsyn’s Head of Podcast Education, explains what you need to start a podcast, exploring everything from cost-effective gear to more advanced, high-quality recording tools.

  • Podcast Recording Setup for USB and XLR Mics

    Knowledge Partners   January 30, 2024  

    Libsyn pro podcaster Brian Cottington shows, step by step, how to set up your podcasting gear — what goes where — as well as the correct software settings you’ll need to record your first episode.

  • Podcast Audio Editing

    Knowledge Partners   January 29, 2024  

    In this lesson, you'll learn to improve your podcast audio by editing it in Adobe Audition. Libsyn's pro podcaster Brian Cottington shows you how to import, pre-process, edit, and export your audio files so that your episode sounds professional.

  • Publish Your First Episode Step-by-Step

    Knowledge Partners   January 28, 2024  

    In this video, Dave Jackson, Libsyn’s Head of Podcast Education, covers uploading your audio file, episode title best practices, defining good show notes, episode artwork specs, episode meta data, and release options.

  • Podcast Marketing Tips

    Knowledge Partners   January 27, 2024  

    Libsyn pro podcaster Brian Cottington gives excellent marketing advice that centers on keeping your audience top of mind. He explores strategies for promotion on social media, guest spots, in-person events, and guerilla tactics.

  • Podcast Stats and Audience Measurement

    Knowledge Partners   January 26, 2024  

    Podcast stats are an insightful tool for measuring podcast growth, as well as determining practical marketing efforts and popular content. But how do they work? Libsyn Podcast Hall of Famer Elsie Escobar gives you an overview of Stats on the Libsyn Dashboard.

  • How to Make Money Podcasting

    Knowledge Partners   January 25, 2024  

    Can podcasters earn income from their podcasts? They can if they want, but it’s not necessary. In this video, Dave Jackson, Libsyn’s Head of Podcast Education, introduces ways to make money podcasting including sponsorship, membership/subscriptions, and merchandise.