The CMO Growth Council and ANA Masters Circle

Driving growth today requires a 360-degree focus on all elements of the business enterprise. This includes driving top-line revenue growth, improving business ecosystem productivity, and enhancing after-tax income growth. Improving the growth trend by 1 percent can yield, minimally, $500 billion over a three-year period.

To effectively tackle the challenges ahead, the CMO Growth Council was established by the ANA and Cannes Lions in June 2018 to build a roadmap for driving business growth through marketing. Led by Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, the Council includes leading CMOs from 25 top brands around the world. An additional 1,200 chief marketers from all corners of the marketing ecosystem are actively engaged in Council priorities, working groups, and collaborations throughout the year.

The CMO Growth Council has identified four “growth priorities” and are working to identify global marketing objectives and tangible outcomes. These priorities directly influence the 12 point agenda that comprises the ANA Masters Circle, which the ANA has embraced to drive business, brand, and industry growth.

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Brand, Creativity, and Experience:

Reframe marketing and the role of the CMO through a customer-first lens that requires building brand equity in creativity, sharing knowledge, and combining brand experience with media. This includes the launch of a first-of-its-kind Global Center for Brand Innovation & Creativity, which will equip CMOs with tools and assets to help them redefine the basic tenets of marketing and more effectively measure and track a brand’s value.


The ANA is calling on CMOs to steer the direction of innovation and advancements that drive long-lasting business and brand growth. The ANA offers a central system for curating, accessing, and distributing industry excellence and innovations to provide CMOs with the tools necessary to make better decisions that drive growth.

There are an array of capabilities — such as blockchains, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and virtual reality — that have the ability to transform the future of marketing. The ANA aggressively supports and fuels these developments to deepen our relationships with customers to drive business and brand growth.

Brands are the cornerstone of our marketing ecosystem. Digital transformation, creativity, innovation, and technology all have enormous implications for building brands and growing businesses. But that potential is limited by an ecosystem that is not tapping into networks of intellectual capital.

The ANA prioritizes brand-building innovation, broadening the definition of what we do to provide the best brand experience for consumers. In doing so, the ANA doubles down on being customer-centric — creating value for those we serve.

Less than 40 percent of a brand’s digital media investment reaches the intended target audience. This represents more than $20 billion of marketing waste, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness.

The ANA Masters Circle is aggressively pursuing a portfolio of methods to elevate the productivity of the supply chain. It is imperative that marketers find ways to reduce complexity and streamline the digital pathways that reach the consumer. The ANA is working to adapt the LUMAscape and restore common-sense management to an unruly digital media business system.


Data, Technology, and Measurement:

Create tools and assets to guide CMOs through the dense and complicated worlds of programmatic media buying, advanced digital technologies, and new forms of cross-media measurement systems. Establish a set of universal best practices for MarTech and AdTech that specifically drives business growth.


Facts, data, and reliable measurement systems are the foundations of high-quality brand and media decisions. Yet our entire ecosystem lacks the capacity, transparency, and capability to elevate the standards of effective management. The CMO Measurement Mandate is the ANA’s strategic force behind this imperative.

The ANA invites senior marketers to leverage its insights and learning and its new Data Marketing and Analytics practice, which will become the industry’s standard-setting body to engineer improved business system protocols for data management, analytics, and accountability and provide overarching governance. The ANA will be fundamental in opening walled gardens and non-transparent data systems while developing industry-accepted cross-platform analytics.

The initial focus of the Data and Technology practice is to create a full suite of products and services to help data-driven marketers drive growth through the informed and effective use of data and technology. These products and services will include a new national industry conference, one-day conferences, committees, webinars, and podcasts.

Additionally, the Data and Technology practice will work to bring clarity and drive greater transparency into the complex marketing technology ecosystem. With marketers spending nearly a third of their marketing budgets on data and technology, this has been identified as a core need. Similarly, the practice will work to combat technology-related taxes and drive standards around the responsible use of data.

The industry’s backbone is strengthened by a robust self-regulatory system and strong advocacy/government relations programs. Our industry is superbly served by the Advertising Self-Regulation Council (ASRC) in mitigating competitive claims and stewarding responsible children’s advertising.

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) puts the consumer in control for all behavioral advertising and oversees the industry’s privacy position. All marketers should support the ANA’s government relations team to ensure that our industry is advanced, promoted, and protected against encumbering legislation at the state and federal levels. The ANA’s toughest challenges come from those seeking to tax marketing and media investments and to diminish free speech and information exchange.


Talent and Marketing Organization:

Establish three strategic areas of focus. First, transform the academic curriculum to align with the business community while establishing a new campaign to “market marketing” as a career choice. Second, train marketer and agency staffs to upgrade existing business performance. Third, elevate CMO development as a cornerstone priority to better navigate the complexities of the CMO role.


Marketers universally agree that talent is a brand’s most important asset. However, the dearth of talent coming from academia and the inadequate training and development many receive substantially limits brand and business performance. The ANA has placed its full weight behind the goals of inspiring and elevating the quality of talent from the university system and developing skills for existing employees.

The ANA invites senior marketers to become part of the ANA Talent Forward movement, which is mobilizing the marketing industry to elevate our capabilities in finding and developing talent to drive business and brand growth.

Structuring and organizing the marketing function is one of the most important decisions a CMO can prioritize to optimize the process for managing marketing and media functions. This has become increasingly critical, as brands are fueled by technology and data.

Marketers are invited to participate in a community of like-minded executives in the ANA’s ongoing research to improve organizational structure, budget priorities, roles and responsibilities, agencies, and support functions both in-house and externally. The ANA is partnering with industry leaders to define the future of how the marketing function organizes for optimal business performance.

Marketers today operate in the most non-transparent marketing ecosystem in our industry’s history. Non-transparency breeds inefficiency through poor business decisions. The ANA invites all marketers to join the movement to elevate transparency as a cornerstone strategy across all marketing, agency management, and media platforms. Recent ANA studies and playbooks that highlight poor industry transparency practices include:

  • Media Transparency (K2/Ebiquity)
  • Programmatic Transparency (AD/FIN/ACA/Ebiquity)
  • Production in the U.S. Advertising Industry
  • Viewability through the 3MS initiative, led by Media Rating Council

Transparency is necessary to fuel information exchange to optimize business decision-making.


Society and Sustainability:

Positively affect society and sustainability by building a roadmap to enable brands to be a force for good and a force for growth - individually and together as a community.

Today's technological underpinnings are vulnerable to subversive elements that can undermine brand safety and expose opportunities for the theft of a brand's precious media investments.

  • The ANA is the founding stakeholder of the Brand Safety Institute, to which ANA members have free membership.
  • The ANA plays a key role in the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), designed to make brands safe through a global collaboration with platforms, marketers, and agencies.

The ANA is committed to winning the war on ad fraud as evidenced by the multiple ANA White Ops studies and our founding stakeholder's role in the Trustworthy Accountability Group. Furthermore, the use of targeted and MRC-accredited fraud-fighting organizations, as well as SIVT accreditation with Google, Facebook, and other platforms, is significantly driving forward progress.

The intersection of a brand’s core consumer strategy with societal well-being is becoming crucial for the development of brand growth. The ANA is taking actions to drive purposeful marketing and facilitate societal good. That includes social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Marketing leaders have a responsibility for how marketing affects society and for making sure business growth is connected with purpose. The ANA’s Center for Brand Purpose provides marketers with easy-to-understand pathways for leveraging this critical platform for growth. The ANA Nonprofit Federation can bring marketers together with hundreds of nonprofit organizations that have been leaders in purpose for decades.

The industry must do a better job championing diversity. The ANA’s Alliance for Family Entertainment (AFE), working through its #SeeHer initiative, helps empirically remove gender bias from ads and identifies content that improves context. Marketers know that U.S. demographics have changed, but many are ill-equipped to adapt strategies to their advantage.

The ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) reinvents the “total market” strategy, elevates the case for strategic change, reboots inclusiveness, promotes diversity, and improves multicultural marketing metrics and analytics. These platforms are the basis for enhancing growth while creating a lasting impact on society.



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