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2023 ANA Global CMO Growth Summit Recap

Coming together as a leadership body for the sixth time in Orlando, CMO delegates identified clear, immediate action items to accelerate the pace of progress toward our stated objectives.

The assembly focused on the Council's industry leadership initiatives with individual learning sessions that were specially curated to support the Council's objectives. The forum provided opportunities for CMO delegates to incorporate best practices into their individual company's growth strategies and, importantly, to gain consensus on leadership initiatives that will strengthen the marketing ecosystem. Key takeaways included:

  • Wake-up Call for CEOs: Organizations are leaving business opportunity on the table because CEOs don't fully understand how to leverage the marketing function in their business growth strategies.
  • Growing Markets Matters: It must be the highest order of ambition for brands. Because it attracts more people into the market. It's about creating business versus taking business.
  • Inclusive Innovation: Go beyond narrowly-defined target audiences. Innovation that drives market growth requires resetting the bar on inclusion. The Growth Council will develop a compendium of case studies on Inclusive Innovation.
  • Need for common alignment for how creativity drives business growth: The Growth Council will launch an initiative to develop a universal "Creativity Impact Score".
  • The GenAI Moment: Decisions that CMOs make related to generative AI carry the potential for a uniquely multifaceted impact on their company, on their extensive network of agencies and suppliers, on their consumers - as well as on society and culture. The Growth Council will create an AI Steering Committee and draft an official AI Position representing the voice of CMOs and their brands.
  • Elevating creativity for impact: Delegates need to apply the new frameworks, resources, and gold standards for brand building and creativity that have been developed at the direction of the Growth Council's working team to help drive business impact.

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"2023 ANA Global CMO Growth Summit Recap." ANA Global CMO Growth Council, November 2023.

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