Depictions of Women in Advertising After #MeToo

March 15, 2018

Executive Summary

The massive #MeToo Twitter revelations of pervasive sexual harassment in a number of business sectors has focused a glaring spotlight on the appropriate treatment of women. With the average American exposed to between 500 to 1,000 commercial messages a day, far from simply being shaped by culture, advertising wields considerable power over what our society considers normal. This panel examined international regimes that are making certain depictions of women in advertising illegal; explored the results of the ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment's #SeeHer campaign to create a more-balanced and accurate portrayal of women in ads and the media; and discussed what advertisers and their lawyers can do not just to reflect the culture but to elevate it proactively.

Amy Mudge
Venable LLP

Jenny Pienaar
Adams & Adams (South Africa)

Thanh Bui
Kellogg Company

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